Cricket was the first ever sport that got me hooked.

Mix one portion of jubilance with three portions of warmth , stick them together beneath a gorgeously bubbly persona and you get a true carefree and cheerful Sardaar. To top it all, they possess an amazing innate sense of humor. You can always go to them for a nice little chitchat and be assured of emerging out euphoric. 😉

But what hugely sets them apart from the crowd is their staunch willpower. When their hearts are bent upon achieving certain milestones, the fiercely burning enthusiasm of these vaulting go-getters hardly ever fails to ebb out any sooner.


Meet Gurkirat Singh Gill of NSIT, who is easily one of those fun-loving, happy-go-lucky people, but there’s something stellar about him that sets him really ahead of the curve.

Q. What have you been doing lately?

G: I have been busy,working on my website,EssentiallySports. It’s been almost 1.5 years since I started this project and today,I am  reaping fruits riper than I had ever imagined.

Q. Had you always known you would be a sports-blogger one day? Where did you get the impetus to start this thing and how did that idea or sheer imagination culminate in a successful blog today?

G: I never knew I would be doing sports-blogging. I had just begun trying my hand at writing and had (triumphantly 😛 ) created my own blog, Unofficial Life!

Then right on cue,one day I stumbled upon ES which had also kicked-off recently.I grabbed the opportunity and jumped in. The situation was ripe for growth. The team had 4 guys initially when I joined,and miles of hardwork and team-effort later, we are now a rock-solid team of 70 members working towards generating a powerful impact through sports-writing.


Q. I see that your writings reflect the fervor and passion lingering through a tough game, mostly cricket,at times. What is the thing that makes you an ultimate cricket-fanatic above all?

G: Yes,cricket is the sport that always gets me enthused (over the top, sometimes..err…most of the times 😛 ), though I have written on chess, tennis and hockey as well.

My immense love for the game dates back to my childhood when cricket became the first ever sport that got me hooked. I remember I was seven years old and the 2003 World Cup was going on. Players like Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid and Kumble were stalwarts of the game, who would make me take over the TV remote at home and keep me glued to the screen for hours on end. Finally India cemented its place in the finals which made my interest levels soar and attain a new high!

The energy and excitement of the game is so terrific, it simply reels you in.


Q. Do you also play cricket or just prefer to blog about the sport?

G: As much as I love the game,I currently indulge in only blogging. However I used to play cricket,and lots of it, when I was a kid. And not just that, but also love for Tennis, badminton, table tennis and football used to border on my fascination.

Q. Who is your favourite sportsperson, cutting across all sports?

G: Rahul Dravid, undoubtedly. The humility, the class and the style he exudes and the qualities that he portrays on-field are something that can only and only be his unique streaks. However, I am a big fan of Roger Federer and Sachin Tendulkar too, their gameplay is absolutely riveting.

Q.You love writing and you love cricket. Could you ever hope to choose one over the other?

G: Umm.. that’s a difficult one, because I never really want people to identify me with one thing or one profession. However, if I’d still have to name one identity, I would wish to be a ‘sports writer’ who strives to encourage a sporting environment in India, an environment in which parents encourage their children to participate in sports as much as they push when it comes to academics.

If you look closely, you will find some very unfortunate cases, where parents are walking all over the dreams of their kids, trampling them into murk, and such scenarios flip me out! Only you and I together can turn things around  by appreciating sports better and creating an environment conducive to growth.


Q.You are pursuing engineering through NSIT. Do you have any special interests in that area?

G: No, engineering fails to entice me. Hive off engineering and you can always expect to find me rampantly involved in all the other areas. All of them. 😛

Apart from ES, I am a part of the media management society of the college, Crosslinks. I am also a member of the Tennis Club, and the Student Affairs Council. At Crosslinks, I am responsible for the Public Relations affairs of the society wherein I make sure that all the news and achievements of students get reported either in the print  or the electronic media.

Q. So I gather you took up writing in college. How did it all begin?

G: Initially I never had any plans for writing . Infact I had never even imagined myself writing. Then one fine day it just so happened that I scribbled down a little piece about Roger Federer and showed it to my peers. Banking on the humble appreciation that  I received, I dediced to take it a notch higher. And the rest is history. Now I am planning to expand my horizons and a few years down the line, I see myself writing about the social ills that ail our society.


Q. Would you like to share any special memories from your college life that you deeply cherish and will always do?

G: At ES we have a team of around 70 people, spread across different parts of India. So we rarely meet each other. Fortunately,I got the chance to meet a few members of the team for the very first time when we took part in a B-plan competition in Indore. Though we had never seen each other before, it felt like we had known each other since forever! It was an amazing fun! It was simply brilliant! 😀



Q. What would be your magical moment, the one they say, the moment when all the dreams come true?

G: It’s hard to define “the” moment but I’ve got just this much to say, don’t get any surprised when you see me high up in the stands fiercely whipping out a strong commentary on…well…you got the cue. 😉

Q. What do you think this college has taught you in true measures of the value?

G :The whole college life has been a great learning experience (and will probably continue to be so ! :P), so it may sound unfair to single out one particular thing. But I suppose the  most precious takeaway would be:

Engineering will teach you everything you need to survive in life, except for maybe, engineering. 😛