I do not want to see the price tag on things!

Some legends are told. Some turn to dust, some turn to gold. But you’ll remember me!For centuries! Okay, I am quoting Fall Out Boy here, but this is the ultimate song that comes to my mind while I listen to this guy who apparently calls himself a humongous dreamer ,to which, now having heard his story, I can safely say yes!

Rishi Batra of NSIT is not just another engineer but an inspirational gem who knows well how to mould his ways to get all possible things he could ever want in life! Read on what he tells me about his king-size dreams and aspirations to have a larger-than-life..well..life ! 😛

Q. You are working as a Business Partner with Amway,so, in what possible ways can you tell yourself apart from others with respect to your work?

A. The best part about my work is that I LOVE every part of it. I just talk to people. Lots of them. Dealing with people from different backgrounds with different mentalities is what leads you to taking different approaches to different situations in life. It makes me  more flexible. It’s fun actually ,getting to know people and talking about dreams.

Rishi (It) 20151222_145937.jpg

Q. So one day you wake up in your bed and you just know. I don’t suppose your beginning of association with Amway was that magical (and filmy 😛 ) ?!
A. Haha, I never knew.I had never even thought of taking it up as my career when I joined it initially. But as they say, you never know it is love.

Q. Wow. So how did you happen to fall in love with this business?
A. Money is the prime motivation so you would as well call it the real thing here.But there’s more to it.Through this business I can see my dreams being accomplished after a few years of focused hardwork. So this belief I uphold in the vision I have, is the golden key.


Q. What are your dreams that you are so passionately talking about?

A. I am a humongous dreamer. I want to travel all over the world, attend the Rio carnival , Tomorrowland , own a private jet , celebrate New Year’s eve on the Las Vegas trip , visit La Tomatina, own a Bentley Continental GT V8S and to top it all, gift a trip of the US to my mom!
The list is very very huge and from what I have just told you, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg!

Plainly speaking, I don’t want to see the price tag on things, I want to be the first millionaire of my family.

Q. Whoa. So how do you envision Amway helping you in carving out the pathway to your dreams?

A. I believe Amway will help me embark on the journey to my dreamland because of the idea it is based on. This business is about distribution and networking.These are two of the solidmost strongholds of 21st century.

I can develop and expand my business in almost 108 countries without denting my pockets with a heavy investment. My business can soar high as the sky is the limit. Amway is the perfect fuel to my skyrocketing dreams.

Q. Apart from Amway are you in any slightest measures even inclined towards working in the field of “Electronics and Communication”?

A. See, when I first came to NSIT, my plan was to take up a job after college, gather the money for an investment, make good contacts and then get done with it within 2-3 years and thereon, start my own venture.
So technically my branch didn’t matter to me.

But eventually when I got introduced to Amway,I dropped out on my earlier plan and made a few amendments. Owning your business and being posted as a business developer are two sides of a coin. I want to be one among the 500 richest guys of the world and that second side,I just talked about,  wouldn’t help me there!

Q. But you could have opted for your own startup too. Why go for Amway?

A: With Amway I don’t have to fret about logistics, stock management , storage, workforce, blah, blah, blah.Everything from tip to toe is handled by Amway.I have my own virtual store and I reap greater rewards here than anywhere else in the world.

Q. What keeps you pumped up and going about the work you do?

A. I read books like the magic of thinking big and the power of subconscious mind, that never fail to keep me on my toes!

Q. Have you noticed any significant change in yourself since you stepped into this uncharted territory to carve out a niche for yourself in this field ?

A. Change would be a small word if you were to describe what I have undergone in the past few years. There has been a 180 degree flip in my life as I have transformed into this extremely self confident and optimistic guy who is ready to take over the world with all he has!


Q.What is the one crucial message you want to convey to people out there ?
A. I just want to say this, if you want to do it, then simply do it.Do not cook up excuses to make up for your procrastination.

If people call you insane for who you are, either you can choose to get bogged down by their contempt and be a lousy failure for the rest of your life, or you can actually attempt to lift yourself up to insane heights that tumbles them and their negativity down.

Q. How do you find your way out if you are sad or distressed about something?
A. This world is my laboratory where I observe and experiment with people. 🙂
Honestly I never get disappointed or distressed. I am either lost in my dream world or am busy building my business! 


“Writing is my personal shell.”

“What if every forest fire was anger?
What if every clap of thunder was a dance of revenge?

Maybe every landslide is someone losing hope,
every cloudburst a broken heart;
every lake an emotion and every love story an ocean…”

writes Chhavi Nagpal of Miranda House, in her recently published blog as she tries to personify nature and connect humans with its astounding marvels ,all by donning a poet’s hat !

Chhavi Nagpal

Writing comes naturally to her as she beams,” I used to write short stories on random words my mum used to dictate to me ,back when I was 9.”

I remember how I would simply pen down rhymes that would apparently make no sense at all. 😛  But I loved the feeling the pen in my hand gave me . It was not a usual thing. My love affair with writing transcends all boundaries of time and place. And ever since then, I have been loving it all the way to this date!” ❤

 “I wouldn’t even use the words “passion” or “fascination” to describe what I have got going with ‘writing‘. For me, ‘writing‘ is all I have ever known. It soothes me. It is my personal shell.

This is what she tells me when I ask her about her colourful expeditions !

Q. What would be a perfect one-liner to paint you in the perfect words ?
C : Let’s just say, I am freakishly emotional in selected situations but I can work as hard as hell to get what I want.

Chhavi Nagpal

Q . What are you doing these days?

C : I am juggling with a lot of things these days but off the top of my head, I would say, I am doing my final year in Political Science at Miranda House. I am a content writer at Readers’ Club of Delhi and Foodstruck. I am also the President of the Women’s Development Cell of my college .And after college ,I am planning on pursuing a Masters in Mass Communication- Print Media !

Q. Whoa. Looks like you have got everything figured out and planned as clear as a crystal ! 😛
C : Ever since the 7th grade ! 😀

Q. What role do you exactly play as the President of the Women’s Development Cell of your college ?

C : Women’s Development Cell is the platform for freedom. We let people be.
I practically work on everything from moderating between committees to organizing events to collaborations .I am there to coordinate with the college staff and to counsel and help the juniors with their problems. I head the editorial wing of the society too( given my love for writing! )


Besides that, we, as members of the WDC, organize seminars, workshops and rallies , in collaboration with several organizations or independently, on almost all the topics falling into the ambit of women’s care and concern, such as sexuality, violence, rape, body and beauty myths and the likewise.

You can check out our One Billion Rising on Youtube , which organizes plays every February on every thing related to women. Apart from that we handle the complaints committee of our college and are starting our own newsletter too this year ! 😀

Chhavi Nagpal

Q. Whom would you idolize as your role model who helps sculpt your thoughts into actions ?

C : If I were to name one famous personality whose words have hugely impacted my thoughts, it would be Anne Frank. Otherwise, I take inspiration from everyone around me, my friends and family. Their commendable deeds ,and a deep-rooted faith in me, are here to push me ahead,on all the right tracks, every single moment. 🙂

Q .What is the prominent motto of your life that instigates you forward in all walks of life ?
C : I have no such motto in particular, that I live by. I strongly believe in my intuition and do what it feels right, in the moment.

Chhavi Nagpal

Q. You are into writing , so you must be a bibliophile as well ! Your favourite picks…?
C : I absolutely adore The memoirs of a geisha, The Zoya Factor , Brida, and Fifth Mountain.

Q. What is the one wise advice you would like to dole out for the rest to follow?

C : I would only advice people this much- You are far more important than you think you are. You play a very integral part in the scheme of life, so never underestimate yourself.
By underestimating your true powers, you only undermine them.

Q. What is your long-loved dream, you would desperately like to live one day?

C : My dream revolves around my career and my desire to help people out. If my work can touch even a single person and make him turn over a positive leaf in his life, I will consider myself to have done a great job !  🙂

“Something inside me screamed, asking me to fix the situation.”


“She came from the US to India, with excitement and inquisitiveness, gleaming in her  eyes. Hardly did she know that she would be badly ripped-off by a taxi-driver when she lands on the Indian soil.”

aveesh singroha

“When she told me, she had ended up paying 3000 bucks just to get from the airport to the hotel, I literally squirmed in pure disgust.

What the hell do these corrupt people think they are?! Just because someone is foreign to a place, does that give the natives, a right, to blind such innocent foreigners into burning a deep hole in their pockets!? They are ready to paint their nation in colours, bleeding greed and shame, just for the “hunger” of a few extra bucks.

Something inside me screamed and told me, I have got to fix the situation somehow. All of a sudden, I knew it was my inner voice, shouting at its peak…

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“Something inside me screamed, asking me to fix the situation.”

“She came from the US to India, with excitement and inquisitiveness, gleaming in her  eyes. Hardly did she know that she would be badly ripped-off by a taxi-driver when she lands on the Indian soil.”

aveesh singroha

“When she told me, she had ended up paying 3000 bucks just to get from the airport to the hotel, I literally squirmed in pure disgust.

What the hell do these corrupt people think they are?! Just because someone is foreign to a place, does that give the natives, a right, to blind such innocent foreigners into burning a deep hole in their pockets!? They are ready to paint their nation in colours, bleeding greed and shame, just for the “hunger” of a few extra bucks.

Something inside me screamed and told me, I have got to fix the situation somehow. All of a sudden, I knew it was my inner voice, shouting at its peak, overwhelming me with a force I just needed, to rectify the whole scenario. And thus, a dream was born.”

aveesh singroha
This is what Aveesh Singroha narrates to me as he begins to open up about his recent escapades.

Q.  If I simply ask you , who are you really, what would you say ?
A :  An engineer by education. An entrepreneur by passion. A traveller by heart.
I am a 23-year old guy, who passed out from JMIT, Kurukshetra University, last year.
I have not had an easy childhood, so you could call me pretty tough.

Q. What special endeavors do you have  going on in your life, lately?

A : I am working on a platform right now through which I provide fellow travellers from around the world ,a memorable travelling experience on their trips to India. I want to cut down on the difficulties they usually suffer in this unfamiliar land, so that they can enjoy their trips to their fullest.

aveesh singroha
Travelling has been my favourite distraction since I was a kid !  😛 And I want to let it continue to be the same for me! It is, what has always driven me forward and what can be more fun than making your long-loved passion your job one day!  🙂
It is pretty much as happy as marrying your girlfriend ! 😛

Q. What led you to put this intiviative in the driving gear and speed ahead?
A : This idea striked me when I met this one girl, from the US, working in NASA. As I love travelling , I keep reading a lot of travel blogs and one day, I posted my pic in one of the blogs. That’s when she connected to me and we started chatting on facebook.Then, one day, she expressed her desire to travel to India and we planned, I would show her around when she visits Delhi. And so she delightedly packed up and flew right “here”! Where she was greeted with a fraudful namaste and deceptive smiles!  😦

aveesh singroha

I told her that the original fare would have hardly been 500 bucks. She was so shocked and insecure at the same time, that she asked me to accompany her on her ‘India’ trip . That was “the” moment, that kickstarted this venture !

Q. So far, how successful has your venture been, since the day this idea enlightened your mind?
A : So far, I have serviced around 10 clients, hailing from USA, UK, Germany, Korea and France.The first trip I made with my first client was in January, 2013.

aveesh singroha

I basically plan their entire trip, including what they eat, which cab they take, which hotel they choose, which places they visit, and almost every single thing that could play an important role in determining, they have the maximum fun !

I want to make them feel and experience the “real” India, which is largely different from other travel-planners.

Q. I did not catch the name of your venture …?

A : I haven’t really decided upon its name yet as it is just at the beginning stage right now. I am researching currently, to  make it a mega-level platform that can essentially help travellers across the globe, visiting India. So far, I have just been working through referrals and I don’t even have any team as of now.

aveesh singroha

I am pondering over ideas to add retreat programmes in the trips. I wish to expand by  providing facilities for yoga and meditation for the travellers, esp. in Kerala.

Q.  Is this the only thing you are currently working on or there are some other cards to unravel as well?
A :   This is the work I do for not letting go of my passion and dreams. I do as well have a regular job on the side which I need to do because I need to survive.

I am working currently as a conference executive in Entrepreneur India. We organize events all over India, to promote entrepreneurs. Our upcoming event is in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on 18th and 19th October. My role is to bring mainly sponsors to the show,and sometimes delegates too.

aveesh singroha

Q. How did you land up  in Entrepreneur India?

A : I took up my first official job in Allan Lloyds, Noida. It is an international company which organizes events and I began working there as a conference executive . Gradually I took a leap to Entrepreneur India and here I am, today.

aveesh singroha

But undisputedly, travelling remains my first love. And so will always be.

Q.  Do you enjoy working in Entrepreneur India or is it a mere compromise to keep things in place?
A :   I like this job as I enjoy constantly getting to meet new people in new places. Everyday, there’s something new in store for me. This surprise factor keeps the work exciting. Plus, it helps sharpen my selling skills among corporates .

Q. What qualities do you love to see in people you happen to meet everyday?
A : Undoubtedly, genuineness and honesty. I like people having a warm and pleasing energy about them .

Q. Are you an avid reader or a movie-buff?
A : Yes, I read a lot, esp. the motivational and spiritual stuff. The Secret Letters by Robin Sharma and The Life of a Yogi are my favourite picks.
I love comedy and Two and a Half Men and Two Broke Girls totally have me in splits! 😛

aveesh singroha

Q. Do you have a special role model whom you follow?
A : Not specifically. I try to learn from every person I see.

Q. What is your escape-plan out of any distressing or demotivating situation that you encounter?
A : Most of the times, when I’m sad, I go on a solo trip to Rishikesh without letting anyone know about my troubles. There are a few places which are mostly deserted .I like to spend time there, alone. Call me a loner,if you would, but I just “have” to have my personal time. All by myself.

aveesh singroha

Q. What is the golden mantra of your life that lies at the focal point of everything you do?
A : Every damn thing in your life works on the principle of sine-wave. No matter how hard you try to control life, it keeps having its ups and downs consistently! So you gotta live in the moment. Embrace it and make it count. Because the moment you have right now, is the only one you own.  🙂

“I never give a shit what others think about me.”

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by

And that has made all the difference.”

In India, you will find 90% of parents persuading their children into becoming engineers or doctors. There is a patternized mindset that is expected of you, to follow. And if you fail to deliver on those expectations, you are considered an “underdog” in whatever you do. I am not saying,this is the only truth; I’m saying this is largely the case in most households!

In such an atmosphere, there are few who will smash that glass ceiling and will not only dream of a less-trodden path but also strive to realize that dream by walking down it with confidence and elan.


Kartik Rohilla of NSIT is one such visionary who has the heart to follow his passion and give wings to his dreams. There is nothing that entices this 20-year old, more than “Photography“.


Photography for him is an art which has greater depths in it that anyone can perceive, which has more shades to it than any outpouring burst of colours , which is more beautiful than the delicate moments it encapsulates. And he wants to soak it all in, one click at a time! 

Here’s what happens when he lets me in on what’s been hiding behind those dreaming eyes and wild imagination !

Q. What are you doing currently, to step ahead in this dynamic field?

K : I have recently started a project named, “One Advice” on Instagram, where I ask people, what would be the one advice they would consider to give ,at the moment, which could prove significantally useful to others. Everyone has got something unique to offer and it’s best that we learn from others’ experiences.

Another project that I’m enthused about, these days, is the photography of Indian women in ethnic wear. India has a myriad number of communities and I want to tap into its pool of cultural diversification and display how different women dress up and accessorize, each portraying a different set of values in their Kashmiri, Punjabi, or Garhwaali attires.

I have my official facebook page, which I had created, right after school, by the name, Kar-o-graphy, where I publish my work. I was delighted when people began appreciating my work there, and I was ecstatic when I got my first official assignment through that page.

My work has also been featured in a Mumbai-based magazine, Youth Incorporate. I won a photography competition hosted by them on the topic, “women empowerment.” It was a scene captured in Delhi Haat, an impoverished lady sitting amidst a crowded market-place , gently caressing her baby and at the same time, trying hard ,to earn a little money.

It was a critique-award, completely different from the “maximum likes” based online contests, mostly run on social media, these days. So it was more credible and consolidated my faith in my work, to a great degree.

I had also been a member of “Junoon”, the Photography Club of Nsit , but I had to do more of managerial work there (which I never did 😛 ) and less of hardcore photography. Needless to say, I lost interest in that club and I was out of it, sooner than I had imagined !

I also won a photography competition in DLF Promenade, last year on Independence Day. The picture had two poor girls sitting down at a roadcross in Chandni Chowk, giggling together ; it was a candid shot which went viral and won me accolades!


Another idea that clicked me was when one of my friends got rejected from a girl saying, he was not what she was looking for. Then it striked me, why not try to find out what young girls, today,are actually looking for, in a boyfriend. So I went around taking snapshots of around 16-17 girls in the city, at the same time, asking them the aforementioned profound question. And the answers that I got were truly mind-boggling !


So those pictures actually painted different fantasies and desires of different women, in different situations.

Post that, my friend actually told me, I could start thinking about providing a really good matrimonal service!  😛

I have also been working as a “candid wedding-photographer” since this March.I had received an offer to cover one wedding before that too but I was really scared to go headlong with it. I mean, it is someone’s wedding!! You can’t risk it with their lives’ “big-moment” and live on with the guilt that would follow!!! But now, I am better prepared and self-assured to grab such opportunity and nail it !  🙂

Q. Do you have your own studio, as of now?

K : Owning an official studio is very costly for someone who is working part-time , so, as of now, I don’t own any, but I have the required equipment and lights at my home,that are pretty good at doing their job!  😉

Q. Did you always know you had to follow photography or you stumbled upon it along the way?

K : In school, I was more into “Car- designing” and that is why I opted for Automation engineering in NSIT. But after coming here, I realized, everything was more  theory-based and there’s not much practicality to offer. I soon lost interest in the course and my old passion for photography was rekindled.  


Q. What are some precious pearls of wisdom you would like to shell out for others ?

K : Never be fake and follow your passion with an open heart. Never give a shit about what others think about you ( as they just might be busy thinking what you think about them!  😜)

Q. Whom do you idealize as your role-model?

K : Undoubtedly, my dad ! He has done so much for me and I want to give back, one day, in the same measures !

Q. What do you want for yourself in the future?

K : I plan on pursuing photography full-time and am eager to learn as much as I can !

Besides that, I “dream” of owning a Mercedes Class A and a Jaguar base model. My philosophy is, it is okay to spend some bucks if they can buy you some awesome moments of your life. Ofcourse, happiness can’t be bought but spending money in order to earn some happy memories in return can surely bring a huge smile on your face !  


“I have always wanted to create my own empire.”

Success does not have a trademark. But at the same time it cannot be attained by every other player in the street.You have got to fight hard to get your cards right. And fighting hard is the one thing that does not deter Sunny Garg a bit from stepping uphill ! The road might turn more rugged and unpredictable but that’s not a reason enough for his determination to falter.

sunny garg

That’s what this sophomore of Ramjas College has got to say when he spills the beans on his current endeavours and reveals why he never chooses to waver down and step back.

Q. If you were asked what two words could portray you in the best sense possible , what would you call yourself?

S : A jack of all trades, master of none! 😛  That I would say,just because I never shy away from experimenting with new things. In other words, I would sincerely call myself a “desperate entrepreneur”! 

Q. Okay, where is your “desperately entrepreneurial” soul leading you, these days ?  😛

S : Currently I am working for a startup based on marketing, called “Digiyang“,that takes startups to the youth. Besides that, I can proudly call myself an Amazon-trained e-commerce specialist, who knows all the nitty-gritty about the job.

Apart from that, I am in the process of founding, with my team-mates, the “StartUp and StandUp“, a society of Ramjas College, that promotes entrepreneurship in the college. I am elated to tell you that I’m also going to helm the post of the “Secretary of Commerce Department” in my college.

Q. What special activities do you execute being a part of the “Commerce Department” of Ramjas College?

S: I help in organising seminars, workshops and industrial visits in the college. Not to mention, our annual fest “Arbitrage“; which is a holistic amalgamation of a lot of business-related competitions, such as ‘pitch your business plan’, stock-market based events such as ‘Mock Stock’, and challenges related to marketing and crisis-management; is also organized and driven by me and my team-mates in this Department.

Q. How did you work your way up there, now that you have reached this benchmark, where the bigger responsibilities of a Secretary are being bestowed upon you?

S: I had always been proactive in participating in a lot of events,since the very beginning of my first year. I even headed one of the 10 events as a fresher and received sponsorship too for the event. I was enthusiastic about website-designing and had tested my craft in those waters too. I dived headfirst in social media extravaganza too and honed my social and interpersonal skills quite effectively from an early stage.

I had participated in a plethora of events before I bagged my first win, and I’m telling you,since then, there’s no looking back !

Q. Are you mad about competitions? Do you keep making a run at them regularly?

S: Yeah, I love competitions and till date, I have won 7 of them and been a finalist of around 20. I recently visited IIM-B, for the finals of Trade-O-Mania.

Q. How did you make it to Amazon for a specialized training in e-commerce ?

S : I took the cue from a newspaper advertisement and jumped at the opportunity.It was an intensive 2-days training where we were taught all the crucial ins-and-outs of e-commerce.

Q. Let me in on the details about “Startup and Standup”. What initiated you towards this idea in the first place?

S: My college does not have an E-cell, so I thought of starting this society with my team-mates to promote entrepreneurship among the youth. To be frank, I was initially  inspired by Modi’s motivational speech and his golden words,” StartUp India! Stand Up India !”. 

Q. What instigated you to don the hat of an “entrepreneur” in the first place?

S : My father is a businessman, so I have always owned a great deal of knowledge about business and finance, since childhood. When my friends used to say” I’ll become a doctor or engineer”, I used to say,” I will start my own business,one day”. I am literally insane about startups, so-much-so that my entire college knows where to look,if someone has some business-related work. 😛

My philosophy is to “earn while you learn”, where earning is done in terms of knowledge, contacts and money (in the stated order!).

I have always wanted to create my own empire and I definitely will, no matter how turbulent the path be. 

The second reason is my ego which technically, bails out the possibility of me,working under someone else.” 😛

Q. Whom would you call your role-model, who has directed you on your path consistently?

S : My dad is my role-model as he is the one to teach me all about business since my childhood. Plus he is so soft-spoken and peaceful that he gets along with anybody ,in a jiffy!

Q. What is the one precious advice you would like to dole out for others to follow?

S : I would say, whatever you do, put your heart and soul into it. Even if you are the one selling grams, if you do it with intense passion and commitment, success can never evade you. 

Q. What would be your “dream-come-true” moment?

S : To make it to the list of the hottest startups in India! At this stage, my life revolves around startups and entrepreneurship is all I breathe.


“Nobody can inspire me more than I myself do.”


Everyone has got a line of thought which in its own peculiar way can lead them to their dreams.The thing that differentiates is how bold enough they are to listen to it and to what extent they can go to keep following it until the end.
Shubhangi Sharma of Kamla Nehru College conveys exactly that die-hard optimitism .While talking to her,I discover a bright flicker of hope in her that just doesn’t seem to be flagging down anytime soon!

shubhangi sharma

Q. Shubhangi, if you were to describe yourself in two words, what would you have on your platter?

S: Delightfully chaotic !

Q. What are your special current pursuits that you have had up your sleeve all this time…?

S: Yeah ,I’m magnetically riveted to Vampire Diaries these days!
Okay,I am an English Honours student ,doing an internship with Foodstruck currently and I guess that is the one thing that I am loving…

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