A hug in a mug.

COFFEE.The six-letter word that you almost drool over,every time you hear it said.The sheer aroma is likely to tingle your senses and make you crave frantically for the sweet warm chocolate-brown delicacy.If you are an eccentric coffee-addict as much as me,then quickly wipe that sad drooping curve off your faces and replace it with a wide shining grin!
Here I bring to you,a list of all the super-awesome places in the world where you can get the most gorgeous cup of your life.Basically,you are in a coffee-heaven right now,so don’t be just a total square.Froth,pour and get ready to stir!

1. Rome, Italy

If you happen to be gallivanting in the streets of Italy,don’t forget to set yourself on a romantic date with coffee in the “Eternal City”.Yes,I am talking about Rome.

The city happens to be glowing with a sprawl of cafes’,popping up all around and contributing their huge share into its rich economy.If you are out to breathe-in the warm and snug, sizzling aroma of a quality brew,then you are in a “temple” of coffee.

The best thing about coffee here is that it is not simply yet another watery-concoction! It is rather dark,strong and sensational.Oh my! Sheer bliss served in a cup! It is the coffee that grows on you. The creamy taste lingers on your tongue(mmmmm…) and the persistent aroma is so pleasantly seductive(ooohhh..) that you feel guilty and reluctant to even walk out.

How-to-have-it tip: Just gulp it down fast,strong and burning hot.Now as they say,“When in Rome,do as the Romans do!  😉

Indulge at: Recafe’,Rosati,The Stravinskij Bar.

2. Havana, Cuba

If you like your coffee distinctively strong and sweet,then Cuban coffee is your cup of tea! 😛
Okay,jokes apart,Havana is another coffee-hub that offers you a local Cafe’Cubano (espresso shot teemed with sugar) or a Cortadito (espresso shot with plain milk).The coffee here varies from heavenly-sweet to bittersweet to plainabrasive.If you are a rookie at it,you might not find it quite adorable unless you cherry-pick it according to your taste but once you acclimatize,you will absolutely savour your dark-roasted drink,with gleaming eyes and a melting heart.

How-to-have-it tip : Don’t wing it in the first attempt,you will gradually fall in love!
Indulge at: Cafe Bohemia, Cafe Escorial,La Chucheria.

3. Reykjavik,Iceland

If you have got past the ”drop-dead-gorgeous natural beauty“image of Iceland and have not been living under a rock,then you might happen to know that it has an amazingly vibrant capital city with an even-amazing food and mind-blowing nightlife.

And don’t just let your spirits flagged down because of rueful absence of Starbucks there !The local cafes’ in the area are no less competitive! So rush to these independent coffee-shops and drink your heart out.
P.S. : Don’t forget to scoop up on scrumptious waffles and homemade cakes,while you splurge on lattes and iced coffee !  😉

Indulge at : Stofan Cafe, Cafe Paris

4. Vienna, Austria

Garnish your morning with some Viennese coffee and relish in pure delight.I mean,c’mon,the city has its coffee shops listed as ”intangible heritage” by UNESCO in 2011!! It obviously must have got a lot to offer.And it is not just another overstatement.

The cappucinos and espresso are a regular but the coup de grace is the locally renowned Wiener Melange(a huge cup booming with a single espresso shot,entwined with steamed milk and milk foam…ummm..!)

Plus the ambience and decor is a hardcore marvel here! So quickly notch up your seat here without any delay!
Indulge at : Cafe Neko, Cafe Korb,Cafe Weimar


5. Melbourne, Australia

There can be no better place to caffeinate away in Australia other than the coffee capital itself! Yes,Melbourne.The epitome of Austaralia’s coffee culture! No matter how many cups you are down here,the pull of some of the best baristas in town doesn’t seize to breeze away.

The wafts from the steaming cuppa envelope you and swivel your mind off anything but the myriad blends of coffee on offer! Syphon,Aeropress,French press,and more. And before you know,you are on a high! 😉

Indulge at : Pillar of Salt,Stassi Cafe,Captains of Industry