About thedailygag


I created this blog to make a place for myself where I can share my feelings and stories and all the nitty-gritty of daily life. Umm..what else?Save me all the rigmarole and let me put it this way.I think, the stuff that bothers me bothers you too at some point or another in your life(as I guess I’m confidently sane and you’re a human like me,though I cannot be too sure of the former 😛 ) and hence, I created a petite space for myself  in this vast world , via which I can raise my little voice and can hope that you connect with the tid-bits I share!

Because having a voice is important,how tiny it might be.  🙂

Catch up with you on the blog!

Cheers!  😀


3 thoughts on “About thedailygag

    1. Hiii Ajay! Glad to know that you like my website 😀
      Are you not on whatsapp? I searched your no. but couldn’t find you. Shall I call you?
      Let me know how you would like to discuss about it 🙂
      Thanks a ton!


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