If only you knew.

If only I could tell you,
If only you knew.

How even my shadow claws its way out of my embrace and follows your silhouette instead.

How, when i get mad at you and shout and fuck up, I strangely don’t know what to do with myself for the next 48 hours until you return showering the same old hugs and vows all over me again.

How I rip apart every shred of my own existence to fall away, piece-by-piece, with you, into this golden high called love.

How every part of my shambles is so haphazard and yet you manage to somehow draw my caricature so precise and while I stand there astounded,trying to sink in the perfection , you go a step ahead and fill it in with all the right pencil colours.

How you and I do not fit in and with every passing moment that I spend with you, I give a part of myself away to melt into you.

But then I realize you do the exact same thing and the magic it creates bombards our lives with all the exploding colors of happiness I can ever imagine.

How you and I create a paradoxical world together, where, some days we just go nuts and burst into a fit of giggles together while on some, we are just grumpy, but never forget to nurse each others’ woes somehow.

How sometimes I wonder I just ink nonsense onto some blank pages but then i read it, and it all comes back ringing sense to me in every single word etched.

If only I could tell you,
How it is not so calm and easy, being with you.
And yet my world is so calm and so much more easier ,with you being around.