For You, With Love.

You are the effervescence buzzing out of a cola can, spreading bubbles of happiness wherever you go.

You are like the gooey chewing gum, you are sticky,  and when you meet someone, a piece of you remains with them even as you walk away.

You are the sweetness ingrained in a pink cotton candy, only if you took off that wrapper of yours, barring you away from people, you would know.

Sometimes you are the warm sunshine peeking through the glass, sometimes you are the icy droplets of dew that sheath the greens at the crack of dawn.

You are the orange, you are the red, you are all those colors that light up the morning sky, a dazzling gold.

You are flawed and yet your flaws tell their own stories and a story is engaging and fun , so your flaws are your most prized possessions.

You have been through so much, that your struggles give you an unfair advantage over the ones who have not yet strived. You have endured through the trenches, but you wear your scars as a badge of honour, not as cries reeking of shame, shrieking for sympathy.

You are the kid on the roof, flying his kite, making it hover as high as he can, wondering if it could make it across the wind and the planes, to the space, to the stars.

You are the ink blotted on yellow, weaving words into poetry, as pearls get beaded into garlands.

You are the crimson on a bride’s forehead, you are the pecks and kisses with which a mum cradles her baby to sleep, you are love, you are grace, you have the power to embrace.

Filter out the noise of the world and you become the voice that has been strumming in your head ,since forever.

You are the mica shimmering in the sand, you are the rose beheld inside the pages of a favourite book, you are the butterfly dancing in the rain.

You are a candle. Don’t just melt away in others’ heat, go burn in your own light.

You are mightier than the rock, which cracks under rain, but you, you can weather all storms.

You might feel down and out, at times. Or most of the time. But remember, you are a ship, not sunk yet.

Do not give in. You are a gorgeous rainbow and you yourself can bleed colours of happiness in your messy world.

The time is now, the time is yours. Live through it all. You might as well change the times, one day.


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