the reason for hope, and a lot more.

I panic when we go about days, not talking to each other. Infact, “panic” is a more humble reiteration that only feebly manages to acquaint you with my plight. I go absolutely haywire when that happens. I cannot stand the distancing of people, the vacuum it carves out, then the void that follows. I told him all about my problem, about the queasiness of it. He grew tense. His face contorted , then a bit more, and then relaxed before he could start addressing the grimness of the situation.

I asked him if what we had would hold up forever, he said I could choose to believe it would. I told him I have been troubled by so many things lately, that my world is falling apart, he said I could build a universe in his arms nevertheless. I told him I have been pretty scared from all those apprehensions , he said I could bury my head in his chest and the fear would not dare to perch anywhere close. I told him that I get nightmares sometimes, that I wake up raw, dry and aghast; he said he would make me giggle so much that all the eternity shall be brimming over with my laughter, that all the creepiness shall creep away, the spookiness shall get spooked away. I asked him how he could be so sure that I was his soulmate, he told me he was not. He could not tell if he had found his soulmate in me, but he was definite that he had found his lost soul in me. I asked him if he would ever leave me and flee away, he said I was the smile he would write all his days off with.

I asked him if my constant questioning annoyed him, he said he loved me nevertheless , and in that fleeting moment , my world flipped upright.