Forever? Forever.


When do we really stop loving someone?

Can we really stop loving someone?

I have always wondered, everything happens in such a hurry today. Quick, hasty declarations of what we believe to be true love. Goodbyes are said equally fast, followed by a few days of mourning. And then we find true love again. The concept of time is so delicately woven with our perception of love. None of us know what love really is, then how can we even attempt to grasp the concept of forever? So deceitful these words are. Forever, eternity, always. They sound so promising, so hopeful, almost borderline incarcerating. The romanticized notion of forever is what we all search for in our lives. Someone to spend our whole lives with, someone to share every moment with, someone to split our food with.

I’m not going to lie, I secretly want that too. In the midst…

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