Trim your diet and pimp up your plight.

Flipping through the placards carefully, before thumping them down on your fridge door,every  morning,to make it clear for the rest of the day,that which matters have a legal right to drive you crazy today(phew!) and which ones will be presumably dumped for yet another day(yay!),you may be missing out on a big one! So it’s time for some rearrangement and a crucial add-on in your today’s(and almost every other day’s!) to-attend-to list! Yes! A HEALTHY-DIET PLAN.

You might have most easily skipped on that one, partly because it is just too boring to follow and mostly because you think that it is a stupid and frail piece of paper which cannot devoid you of the power of going out and eating whatever you want!

So if you also think that you are the mighty king who rules his belly and decides what should go in and what should not,you might as well be a good one, by  following a complete and appropriate diet-chart!

(P.S. The healthy diet thing is also applicable to those who do not have that eerie belly-ruler fantasy!)

Now, before going gaga over what kind of ingredients you should positively add to your diet(to spike up the health quotient!) and what kind of ingredients you should totally steer clear of(because they are simply not healthy enough for you to gobble them up, every other day!),you need to learn to pick up the  healthy platter over the unhealthy one ,enough number of times that it slowly melts into a habit for life!!!

Here’s how you can breeze through the plan:



Don’t go freak over completely changing your diet plan and switching every single food with a somewhat healthier version of it,with a hope of thinifying yourself with every calorie you cut in your diet! Chances are, you will soon lose interest in following  your overly-strict (and somewhat mean!)diet plan and would rather befriend your old practices of hopping on to whichever delicious piece you can get to lay your hands on!

That’s how your hitler-plan will end up in the murk, unless ofcourse you yourself are no less than a hitler and keep holding on to your commitment like a true devout, without a single drop of pity for your heart (which anyway falls for every other scrumptious dish infront of your eyes,without a fail!).

Brainwave? Go slow and score! First make sure you eat healthy atleast once in a day. And then slowly string up this number to two, then three, and eventually you will be eating healthy most of the time.

  1. LITTLE CHANGES GO A LONG WAY                           .Heart-Healthy-Foods

Infuse a seamless variety of different coloured vegetables in your diet by eking out your routine-meal with a veggie-salad everytime. Dodge butter and choose olive oil  instead for cooking a nice, healthy meal. Bypass sugary sodas at the parties for a subtle glass of sparkling water, with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice in it.

For once,give the luscious chocolate fondue a miss, and instead, feast on a slice of the rainbow from a bowl of colourful and juicy fruit-salad. Elude the heavily-creamy chocolate tart and plunge into an apple or pumpkin pie instead, if you still yearn for a treat.

This way,you can gorge on nutrients and satiate your taste buds at the same time!Win-win! But don’t take your focus off moderation, yet.



Do not indulge in it. A simple way to state it :Eat only as much as your body needs. Frankly,you are equipped with the power of devouring an entire bucket of chicken, in just one sitting,all by yourself!But don’t yield to that power,under the spell of temptation! If you yet do it,then, skip the meals for the rest of the day.

(Or else,be ready to groan with the stomach ache later!Ugh!)




Eat like a bird rather than like a horse.Do not over-stuff yourself and you won’t freak out before getting on a weighing machine,the next time.


Life falls bland without a tinge of salt and spice added to it.But too much of anything is upto no good!

Cutting to the chase,the advice is,try to limit your sodium intake upto 1500-2300 mg per day. So the next time you find a big,fat packet of potato chips beaming at you on the street, simply sidestep it and evade the allure.




If you have a habit of waking upto the strong, mesmerising aroma of coffee everyday,it’s time to start watching your caffeine intake! Alarmingly!

Undeniably,coffee is just delectable(and you might be a fan of it!I CONFESS I AM!!) but it is addictive.And,the more the number of cups you are down,the faster are your  body’s calcium stores getting depleted! And sadly, that does not sound pretty.


Find little colorful pills, promising you benefits of vital vitamins and anti-oxidants,more assuring,than going down the natural way?They are just so easy too! Simply pop up a pill and gulp it down your throat and magically, your nutritional needs are fulfilled in an instant! No need to stock up on a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables to get different unique vitamins essential for your body!Ha! Saves oodles of energy plus time!

But all that glitters is not gold. Research shows that pills won’t work out in the exact same way the natural thing does. So,heap up on plentitude of green lettuce and whole grains and oranges and almonds and know…the natural stuff, ofcourse!



Be social.Call in your buddy to share your pizza with him, so that you don’t end up licking the plate clean entirely by yourself.This way,you can avoid the mindless overeating  plus the flak you would have garnered for it,had you plumped up a size by slurping it down,all by yourself!


Don’t rush through your eating. Chew food effectively and relish its taste. Basically,enjoy your food. Don’t just gulp it down!



To put it straight: because it will just grossly fatten you up! Give your body enough break before a breakfast.



It is true that you are on a kind of healthy-diet plan and can’t afford to eat candies and cakes and patties,just yet. But,it is equally true that you are a human.

And humans have needs! And cravings. And desires.So cut yourself some slack once in a while and gorge on some bittersweet joys of life.

And this might help too. One little block of dark chocolate at the end of a week of a rigorous diet,will just serve as a token of reward for your present accomplishments and will  motivate you to carry on with your plan. With more zeal ofcourse! 😉

As the old saying goes, HEALTH IS WEALTH, so  dine healthier, shine wealthier. 🙂


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