It is not that difficult as you think. You are so conscious about where to start that you are unable to see what heights it can attain. Unclench your fist and let the fear shed away. The farther it will go, the higher you will pace. The only thing standing between you and what you want yourself to be is what you are not letting yourself be. Unafraid, that is. There are so many thoughts clamoring for your attention inside your head that you fail to surpass the din and look beyond all the hoopla.

All these problems cluttering your life are just pieces of garbage that would be effectively dished out once you take the control of your life in your hands. Don’t try to just hang in there, poised to face everything, with drooping heads and listless sighs. Instead, switch the control mode on. Clobber the negativity with a hard-hitting hammer and nail it down to the floor. Show it that it should never dare to get in your way again. Take the reins in your own hands and drive your own sleigh. Hog all the possible current opportunities and create them where none exist. Screw the ennui. Stop getting miffed. Start making lists, huge ones, and then get on to them with all the zeal that you can gather from inside your soul. Sure that conscience inside you knows better than you think,right?!

You are concentrating far more energy on what the world has got to say about you, when ironically, it has got nothing to say about you for real. Well, what have you achieved so startling that it should prize you!? And how will you ever, if you keep bothering about how you are bothering others?! Duck it; the world will never be happy enough, so it’s high time you got yourself a bit out of that happiness scoop before it eventually melts away . Listen to everyone but care about doing only what you think is right. Identify your priorities, think about your dreams, set your goals, plan your strategy and mull over it for quite a good time. Faith will cover the rest.
People might or might not take stand for you but your belief will never desert you; it will drive you forward in such scenarios where nothing else will.


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