This is it..or so I think.

2016 is already up, high and knocking about and I am vehemently chasing deadlines, trying to get as much stuff off my checklist as I can. This year, I’m trying new things, things that I have never even tried giving a shot before. Or those that I have always feared. And most prominently, working on chalking off procrastination and getting the shit done. We are living in a mad rush, always buried under work or busy catching up with all the fun, so much so that we never sit back and think about the stuff that we would actually want to do. So in a bid to clear up my mess I have shaken things around a bit so that the truly valuable ones become easily detectable inside my head.

Basically, I joined a gym last week, I thought a good workout would help me prune out all the vile flab I have successfully managed to gain on all the happy winter nights. Plus I have been feeling a strange rush of vigour inside my body these days which earlier felt just rather dull and inactive. This feeling is magical and makes me feel so alive that I would like it to continue staying with me for the next few months. So, gym is here to stay for a long time.

Time. Because I can never have enough of it. It’s always running out when I have never even completed 10% of what I meant to do. To circumvent this grave problem, I just need to find a vendor who sells TIME at superbig discounts( as my second biggest problem seems to be money!) so that I can buy it in voluptuous amounts and then never let it slip away so unsatisfactorily.
Okay, to seriously address this problem, I really need to start managing my time more effectively. That just reminded me that I would be better off reading my book now rather than ticking away at my keyboard. I have realized that it is easy to declutter our disorganized lives if we are really willing to. All that we are missing is a sharp and bright focus. Bring it on and the blurry image will not seem so blurry anymore.


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