It is imperfect..Or is it?

We all have some definite perceptions inside our heads of whom we could call the PEFRECT one. We make lists, define specific bullet points, highlight our preferences with a bold marker pen (and keep the background plain white for them to be MORE obvious ) and kind of always want OUR way with things that go around us. We try to segregate and classify every friend-giving-out-soulmate-vibes we happen to meet in our lives as the one who fits the bill or not. But guess what! Life doesn’t play by the rules that we invent for ourselves. It has got its own set of waves to throw our way. Sometimes it’s so ironical that we find ourselves embracing a situation we would have never even imagined to be in, or liked to be in.

But there we are, trying desperately to go off our usual routes to defend and appreciate this magical change now. May be, it is true then. When LOVE happens ,all the predefined rules and conditions go out of the window. Love is the only real substance there that drives us to put our footsteps where our heart is ,and the rest becomes garbage .

Some people may not possess the exact qualities we have always been looking for ,but they yet seem to make us wonder and admire them for some reasons.May be it is because with them hanging around, things tend to fall into place as they were always supposed to be at the end of our huge list we had been scribbling down our whole life. With them, we might not be getting all the ingredients checked off on that list to get the recipe right but the dish is sure to intoxicate us with all the love it has got to offer.And be there the exact qualities or not, this LOVE never fails to sweep us off our feet. Just like we had always wanted it.


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