And here comes Christmas!

‘Tis that time of the year when you can officially expect gifts and hugs and cakes! Santa does not seem a childhood fantasy anymore and christmas carols sound even more merrier in the picturesque blanket of snow embracing the trees!
Feeling dejected or gloomy is the last thing you want on your mind right now and all you are bothered to share and care about is love. Loads of it. Whatever the hardships you have faced all round the year seem to dissolve away in the cheerful festive happiness around you , rending you intoxicated with emotions and love.


And for what it’s worth, you can dizzily go prancing about, shopping till your cards get maxed out and no one can complain! You can devour your favourite plum cake without an ounce of remorse.(You don’t need to fret about all the extra flab you might put on,under those warm,fuzzy,cute layers! 😉 )

25 - Christmas Fruit Cake
And even if you have no special plans for Christmas, you can still dig inside your blankets, and watch your favourite “Christmas” movie of all-time! Though I’m gonna stick with “Modern Family” this time.(It issss GOOD!!!)  Hey! Not that I have got nothing better to do on Christmas… got the point.

Anyway whatever you do (on Christmas or otherwise) the crucial thing is that it makes you happy. What is the entire point of taking all the pains and completing a job,when you do not even enjoy a single sliver of it. It is never going to be a spectacle then. Because you never loved it, no body else will. And I think that’s the most depressing thing in the entire universe, getting stuck in a rut where you’ll never see the light of the day!

So take a little time out each day for doing things that you would actually love to do so that you do not let little moments of happiness skip past you.

2015 has been a huge crazy whirlwind, but what can be more soothing than ending it on a pleasant note by vowing to reform all the wrongs ,appreciate all the rights and never bog down before circumstances. So as I sip on my hot cup of tea( and head for the sandwich already  😛 ), here’s wishing you a very awesome Christmas ! May the ghost of the Christmas past never haunt you! 😛
Be happy ,make this new year count and do not feel guilty for being a little self-indulgent ! 😉

Happy holidays! ❤


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