I do not want to see the price tag on things!

Some legends are told. Some turn to dust, some turn to gold. But you’ll remember me!For centuries! Okay, I am quoting Fall Out Boy here, but this is the ultimate song that comes to my mind while I listen to this guy who apparently calls himself a humongous dreamer ,to which, now having heard his story, I can safely say yes!

Rishi Batra of NSIT is not just another engineer but an inspirational gem who knows well how to mould his ways to get all possible things he could ever want in life! Read on what he tells me about his king-size dreams and aspirations to have a larger-than-life..well..life ! 😛

Q. You are working as a Business Partner with Amway,so, in what possible ways can you tell yourself apart from others with respect to your work?

A. The best part about my work is that I LOVE every part of it. I just talk to people. Lots of them. Dealing with people from different backgrounds with different mentalities is what leads you to taking different approaches to different situations in life. It makes me  more flexible. It’s fun actually ,getting to know people and talking about dreams.

Rishi (It) 20151222_145937.jpg

Q. So one day you wake up in your bed and you just know. I don’t suppose your beginning of association with Amway was that magical (and filmy 😛 ) ?!
A. Haha, I never knew.I had never even thought of taking it up as my career when I joined it initially. But as they say, you never know it is love.

Q. Wow. So how did you happen to fall in love with this business?
A. Money is the prime motivation so you would as well call it the real thing here.But there’s more to it.Through this business I can see my dreams being accomplished after a few years of focused hardwork. So this belief I uphold in the vision I have, is the golden key.


Q. What are your dreams that you are so passionately talking about?

A. I am a humongous dreamer. I want to travel all over the world, attend the Rio carnival , Tomorrowland , own a private jet , celebrate New Year’s eve on the Las Vegas trip , visit La Tomatina, own a Bentley Continental GT V8S and to top it all, gift a trip of the US to my mom!
The list is very very huge and from what I have just told you, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg!

Plainly speaking, I don’t want to see the price tag on things, I want to be the first millionaire of my family.

Q. Whoa. So how do you envision Amway helping you in carving out the pathway to your dreams?

A. I believe Amway will help me embark on the journey to my dreamland because of the idea it is based on. This business is about distribution and networking.These are two of the solidmost strongholds of 21st century.

I can develop and expand my business in almost 108 countries without denting my pockets with a heavy investment. My business can soar high as the sky is the limit. Amway is the perfect fuel to my skyrocketing dreams.

Q. Apart from Amway are you in any slightest measures even inclined towards working in the field of “Electronics and Communication”?

A. See, when I first came to NSIT, my plan was to take up a job after college, gather the money for an investment, make good contacts and then get done with it within 2-3 years and thereon, start my own venture.
So technically my branch didn’t matter to me.

But eventually when I got introduced to Amway,I dropped out on my earlier plan and made a few amendments. Owning your business and being posted as a business developer are two sides of a coin. I want to be one among the 500 richest guys of the world and that second side,I just talked about,  wouldn’t help me there!

Q. But you could have opted for your own startup too. Why go for Amway?

A: With Amway I don’t have to fret about logistics, stock management , storage, workforce, blah, blah, blah.Everything from tip to toe is handled by Amway.I have my own virtual store and I reap greater rewards here than anywhere else in the world.

Q. What keeps you pumped up and going about the work you do?

A. I read books like the magic of thinking big and the power of subconscious mind, that never fail to keep me on my toes!

Q. Have you noticed any significant change in yourself since you stepped into this uncharted territory to carve out a niche for yourself in this field ?

A. Change would be a small word if you were to describe what I have undergone in the past few years. There has been a 180 degree flip in my life as I have transformed into this extremely self confident and optimistic guy who is ready to take over the world with all he has!


Q.What is the one crucial message you want to convey to people out there ?
A. I just want to say this, if you want to do it, then simply do it.Do not cook up excuses to make up for your procrastination.

If people call you insane for who you are, either you can choose to get bogged down by their contempt and be a lousy failure for the rest of your life, or you can actually attempt to lift yourself up to insane heights that tumbles them and their negativity down.

Q. How do you find your way out if you are sad or distressed about something?
A. This world is my laboratory where I observe and experiment with people. 🙂
Honestly I never get disappointed or distressed. I am either lost in my dream world or am busy building my business! 


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