Not anything like before.

I came to this place filled with apprehension and doubts as to whether this is actually the place where I could lose myself for the rest of my vacation.Incidentally,I took the chance and went inside the unfamiliar building, rode upstairs and stepped into the white,small ,four-walled cabin. Greeted by two equally strange faces ,I started making a quick assessment of the work and the workplace. There was not much to gaze around but as everything seemed okay-ish to me, I zeroed in on taking up the job.
The hours seemed so much longer that first time as the day broke into sheer monotony and boredom. It turned worse when I had to even eat my lunch alone, by myself.
That day I left the place sooner than I had imagined! 😦
Back to the present day and I am lounging back in my chair comfortably, with a face that cannot stop giggling.
I am happy.I have got friends around. This place has somehow become like a family to me. I get tired but weirdly, I miss it on Saturdays and Sundays. I love how I can simply lay back on these guys for almost anything and everything and they would just always be there to amuse me. I love this little circle of ours that we have unusually formed over this small period of seven days, this circle connecting us all together in one way or another.Today we celebrate, laugh, eat,mock, lament and work all together and somewhere deep inside my heart,I have got a subtle feeling that we are unrealizingly raising memories that we are all gonna badly long for. ❤


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