Blog Stalking // Sometimes Sweet.

Ordinary Adventures

Not too long ago, while doing my routine stalking ofKatie’s site, Skunkboy, and Istumbled upon a new site.I was first perusing her guest posts about tattoos and was extremely interested. I love seeing other’s art and their tattoos, and beyond that, I was really enjoying how laid back and conversational her writing sounded. And from there, the relationship between me andSometimes Sweetbegan.

When I find a new blog, the first thing I do is check their “About”. If I’m going to spend time and get emotionally involved at some level with someone’s personal writings, and their life, I want to get some background on the creator first!I want to know how they present themselves or what they’re interested in, or at least what they are going to mainly be talking about. Usuallyif the bio is thorough enough, I can see if the entirety of the blog is…

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