Life is a bitch. Be one yourself to fight it back.


And here comes Christmas!

‘Tis that time of the year when you can officially expect gifts and hugs and cakes! Santa does not seem a childhood fantasy anymore and christmas carols sound even more merrier in the picturesque blanket of snow embracing the trees!
Feeling dejected or gloomy is the last thing you want on your mind right now and all you are bothered to share and care about is love. Loads of it. Whatever the hardships you have faced all round the year seem to dissolve away in the cheerful festive happiness around you , rending you intoxicated with emotions and love.


And for what it’s worth, you can dizzily go prancing about, shopping till your cards get maxed out and no one can complain! You can devour your favourite plum cake without an ounce of remorse.(You don’t need to fret about all the extra flab you might put on,under those warm,fuzzy,cute layers! 😉 )

25 - Christmas Fruit Cake
And even if you have no special plans for Christmas, you can still dig inside your blankets, and watch your favourite “Christmas” movie of all-time! Though I’m gonna stick with “Modern Family” this time.(It issss GOOD!!!)  Hey! Not that I have got nothing better to do on Christmas… got the point.

Anyway whatever you do (on Christmas or otherwise) the crucial thing is that it makes you happy. What is the entire point of taking all the pains and completing a job,when you do not even enjoy a single sliver of it. It is never going to be a spectacle then. Because you never loved it, no body else will. And I think that’s the most depressing thing in the entire universe, getting stuck in a rut where you’ll never see the light of the day!

So take a little time out each day for doing things that you would actually love to do so that you do not let little moments of happiness skip past you.

2015 has been a huge crazy whirlwind, but what can be more soothing than ending it on a pleasant note by vowing to reform all the wrongs ,appreciate all the rights and never bog down before circumstances. So as I sip on my hot cup of tea( and head for the sandwich already  😛 ), here’s wishing you a very awesome Christmas ! May the ghost of the Christmas past never haunt you! 😛
Be happy ,make this new year count and do not feel guilty for being a little self-indulgent ! 😉

Happy holidays! ❀

My Clingy Girlfriend.



Men would go yikes on simply listening to the name of the book, and would madly run away, far and farther and the farthest they can go, to avoid even the  manifestation of their own so-called clingy girlfriends cling to them even when all they want to do is just casually read a book.

Women. Some would get furious and lash out as they might believe they cannot be pigeonholed into a stupid stereotype and others, the breathing-down-the-neck-of-your-boyfriend-every-nanosecond types, well, they would still lash out, though secretively agreeing that they perfectly fit into this domain !

But, take note here. Don’t frame your opinions just based on its name. This book is “not” about the mess of a man’s life, written monotonously with a drab and depressing tone.


This book is a big-time rollickingly gut-busting account of a simple Bengali boy who flocks to Mumbai to make some good money but there unfortunately (and fortunately) gets adhered to his  “clingy” girlfriend who clings on and on and on to him, smothering his life.

With a lot of side-splitting humour and some ridiculously funny punchline smeared across its pages it is a sure-fire recipe for some light-hearted chuckles, if not full-blown hysteria, all the time. With the smooth narrative, you will find yourself on the last page of the book in a jiffy! With a wry smile on your lips, ofcourse.

The stark irony of the entire writing is that it is narrated with a man’s point of view but is actually written by a woman. Honestly, as I picked up this book and read the remark it entails on its cover page, I could not totally buy it that a woman can give a take on relationships from a man’s point of view! But Madhuri Banerjee has really delved deep into a man’s conscience and successfully carved out a perfect portrait of a man’s psychology. At no point spanning these 249 pages, did I feel that I was reading a female author.

My Clingy Girlfriend – Synopsis

A Bengali boy finds a Punjabi girlfriend who both have different ideas, different ideals and different ways. (No. Don’t perceive it as the clichĂ©d storyline designed specifically for a typical Bollywood movie, it is not about the families from two opposite cultures being pitted against each other. ) The book infact is lot more generic and strives to paint a general picture in our head. About two different sexes that has been portrayed in this comical read!

You secretly empathise with Obrokranti for putting up with his impatient, precarious, over-possessive, giving-irrelevant-excuses, throwing-silly-tantrums, mind-numbingly clingy and annoying, pain-in-the-ass girlfriend, Radha, who simply cannot work to live on her own and is banking on Obro for all her financial, emotional and physical needs and somehow still manages to put him at fault at all times of day and night.


Sometimes you also hate Obro for just having sex in his mind for most of the times. Obro’s mentality is astounding in all respects.

This is not a simple love story. This book is about a complex relationship. That’s the beauty of this book. That’s what makes the story so tangible and distinct.

Positive points

What is so remarkably amusing is the whole Bengali feel the main character tags along with him. Well, the Bongs will easily relate to all of the precious pearls of knowledge he dishes out all the time about what Bengali men need and what Bengali men love. For the rest of the culturati, it is a great insight into the heart and soul of a very prominent culture in India.

The “Notes For Dummies” Obro ends up writing most of the times, can prove just as useful to men as calling up your girlfriend every hour (yes, I too think it sounds hyperbolized).These are some alluring guideways to sneak up on the secrets to the “success” that can only be defined and understood by a man. So click them, print them or frame them, just brush them up regularly to not repeat Obro’s mistakes and to live a happier life, before a clingy girlfriend eventually, asphyxiates it.

Madhuri Banerjee does not mince her words while outlaying the story .The brutally honest and straightforward endeavour will make you fall in love with this terrifically fierce and powerful writing, embellished with words which are bare, stark and true. Not honeycoated to be fed softly into the readers’ minds.

She has sketched lively and dainty characters that resonate with the trending Indian lifestyle and times. The characterization is so emphatic that the important message of having a personal space in a relationship that she tries to send across is received very aptly.

An overly-protective Indian mother who showers her son with too much care and concern, a boyfriend who respects women (though secretly wishing to score with as many girls as he can), a girlfriend who just cannot stop cribbing, a good-for-nothing boss, a cigarette buddy, a mentoring sister, a stupidly competitive brother and a gay-but-not-so-gay head, all put together make for this intriguing cocktail of cackles and giggles that will make you laugh, think, feel and stop and deliberate at different points. 😉

Negative points


While Obrokranti reflects a sensible and diligent 20-something guy who wants acknowledgeable things from his life,his girlfriend Radha has been caricatured as a psychopathic maniac who seamlessly raves and rants with her insecurity and does not deter from giving 40 missed calls to his boyfriend within a single hour.
So her character feels somewhat overstated and cooked-up,not even slightyly attune with the reality of the times.FOR MOST WOMEN.So I think a little more justice to her character could have won a thumbs-up from all ladies.

Memorable quotes from My Clingy Girlfriend  ❀

 All Bengali moms think their sons are Jesus Christ and they themselves are the Virgin Mary.


This is the so-called fun part of my job known as ‘brain storming’. AKA ‘mental masturbation’.


Great insight- I always behave badly for four days every month. Every month. Period.


Women count the seconds while you’re away. Men count the days to be away.


I didn’t tell them then my secret desire was to go to Mumbai. The land of voluptuous women who wouldn’t have a problem if I stood close to them, because there is simply no space in Mumbai to stand at all anyway.


The time taken to have an orgasm is inversely proportional to the time taken to beg the women to be ready.


The good day must have happened when the final over of an India-Pakistan match was on and the entire country was watching TV while you and some chutiya were trying to see if you could reach the place in twenty minutes.


Yes, I did remember what she had done to me. But I also remembered what she had done for me.

Excerpt from My Clingy Girlfriend

In such a situation, a man would rather just finish his meal than make a run for it. I saw Radha walk towards me in slow motion-like the slow motion run that women did in all SRK movies, with him standing with his arms wide open to let them know they needed a point to stop at-and my balls split wide open. Instead of stepping back from the food and making a run for it, my super- brain decided that this could be the last meal I would have and I quickly gobbled up some four-five large bites of food before she got to the table. I finally looked up at her and she was glaring down at me.

My colleagues didn’t even glance at us. Bastards were too busy eating to notice if one of their own was getting murdered. I could see the fumes coming out of Radha’s ears. I quietly licked my fingers, walked to the wash basin to was my hands and followed her outside the restaurant. Only then did one colleague raise his head. ‘Eh, at least give money for your portion, bastard,’he said. Asshole. Didn’t he see that I hadn’t even made out a will yet, and this would be the last meal of my life? But since I had no Facebook friends left, I thought it would be wise to have a few colleagues on my side. So I put a few hundred buck notes on the table and left.

From its cover page, the book might be dismissed as another infernally monotonic tale of contemporary Indian love stories. The name might seem to sum up its story and kill the suspense quotient but clearly, after reading it I am convinced, that it is not just another disappointing cliche. The story has its own interesting ups and downs and is sure to keep you hooked from page 1.

Entwined with loads of quick-witted humour and words of wisdom, apparently, this book will leave you in splits and make your day (probably even month)!

Read the complete review here.

A hug in a mug.

COFFEE.The six-letter word that you almost drool over,every time you hear it said.The sheer aroma is likely to tingle your senses and make you crave frantically for the sweet warm chocolate-brown delicacy.If you are an eccentric coffee-addict as much as me,then quickly wipe that sad drooping curve off your faces and replace it with a wide shining grin!
Here I bring to you,a list of all the super-awesome places in the world where you can get the most gorgeous cup of your life.Basically,you are in a coffee-heaven right now,so don’t be just a total square.Froth,pour and get ready to stir!

1. Rome, Italy

If you happen to be gallivanting in the streets of Italy,don’t forget to set yourself on a romantic date with coffee in the “Eternal City”.Yes,I am talking about Rome.

The city happens to be glowing with a sprawl of cafes’,popping up all around and contributing their huge share into its rich economy.If you are out to breathe-in the warm and snug, sizzling aroma of a quality brew,then you are in a “temple” of coffee.

The best thing about coffee here is that it is not simply yet another watery-concoction! It is rather dark,strong and sensational.Oh my! Sheer bliss served in a cup! It is the coffee that grows on you. The creamy taste lingers on your tongue(mmmmm
) and the persistent aroma is so pleasantly seductive(ooohhh..) that you feel guilty and reluctant to even walk out.

How-to-have-it tip: Just gulp it down fast,strong and burning hot.Now as they say,“When in Rome,do as the Romans do!  😉

Indulge at: Recafe’,Rosati,The Stravinskij Bar.

2. Havana, Cuba

If you like your coffee distinctively strong and sweet,then Cuban coffee is your cup of tea! 😛
Okay,jokes apart,Havana is another coffee-hub that offers you a local Cafe’Cubano (espresso shot teemed with sugar) or a Cortadito (espresso shot with plain milk).The coffee here varies from heavenly-sweet to bittersweet to plainabrasive.If you are a rookie at it,you might not find it quite adorable unless you cherry-pick it according to your taste but once you acclimatize,you will absolutely savour your dark-roasted drink,with gleaming eyes and a melting heart.

How-to-have-it tip : Don’t wing it in the first attempt,you will gradually fall in love!
Indulge at: Cafe Bohemia, Cafe Escorial,La Chucheria.

3. Reykjavik,Iceland

If you have got past the ”drop-dead-gorgeous natural beauty“image of Iceland and have not been living under a rock,then you might happen to know that it has an amazingly vibrant capital city with an even-amazing food and mind-blowing nightlife.

And don’t just let your spirits flagged down because of rueful absence of Starbucks there !The local cafes’ in the area are no less competitive! So rush to these independent coffee-shops and drink your heart out.
P.S. : Don’t forget to scoop up on scrumptious waffles and homemade cakes,while you splurge on lattes and iced coffee !  😉

Indulge at : Stofan Cafe, Cafe Paris

4. Vienna, Austria

Garnish your morning with some Viennese coffee and relish in pure delight.I mean,c’mon,the city has its coffee shops listed as ”intangible heritage” by UNESCO in 2011!! It obviously must have got a lot to offer.And it is not just another overstatement.

The cappucinos and espresso are a regular but the coup de grace is the locally renowned Wiener Melange(a huge cup booming with a single espresso shot,entwined with steamed milk and milk foam

Plus the ambience and decor is a hardcore marvel here! So quickly notch up your seat here without any delay!
Indulge at : Cafe Neko, Cafe Korb,Cafe Weimar


5. Melbourne, Australia

There can be no better place to caffeinate away in Australia other than the coffee capital itself! Yes,Melbourne.The epitome of Austaralia’s coffee culture! No matter how many cups you are down here,the pull of some of the best baristas in town doesn’t seize to breeze away.

The wafts from the steaming cuppa envelope you and swivel your mind off anything but the myriad blends of coffee on offer! Syphon,Aeropress,French press,and more. And before you know,you are on a high! 😉

Indulge at : Pillar of Salt,Stassi Cafe,Captains of Industry

I do not want to see the price tag on things!

Some legends are told. Some turn to dust, some turn to gold. But you’ll remember me!For centuries! Okay, I am quoting Fall Out Boy here, but this is the ultimate song that comes to my mind while I listen to this guy who apparently calls himself a humongous dreamer ,to which, now having heard his story, I can safely say yes!

Rishi Batra of NSIT is not just another engineer but an inspirational gem who knows well how to mould his ways to get all possible things he could ever want in life! Read on what he tells me about his king-size dreams and aspirations to have a ! 😛

Q. You are working as a Business Partner with Amway,so, in what possible ways can you tell yourself apart from others with respect to your work?

A. The best part about my work is that I LOVE every part of it. I just talk to people. Lots of them. Dealing with people from different backgrounds with different mentalities is what leads you to taking different approaches to different situations in life. It makes me  more flexible. It’s fun actually ,getting to know people and talking about dreams.

Rishi (It) 20151222_145937.jpg

Q. So one day you wake up in your bed and you just know. I don’t suppose your beginning of association with Amway was that magical (and filmy 😛 ) ?!
A. Haha, I never knew.I had never even thought of taking it up as my career when I joined it initially. But as they say, you never know it is love.

Q. Wow. So how did you happen to fall in love with this business?
A. Money is the prime motivation so you would as well call it the real thing here.But there’s more to it.Through this business I can see my dreams being accomplished after a few years of focused hardwork. So this belief I uphold in the vision I have, is the golden key.


Q. What are your dreams that you are so passionately talking about?

A. I am a humongous dreamer. I want to travel all over the world, attend the Rio carnival , Tomorrowland , own a private jet , celebrate New Year’s eve on the Las Vegas trip , visit La Tomatina, own a Bentley Continental GT V8S and to top it all, gift a trip of the US to my mom!
The list is very very huge and from what I have just told you, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg!

Plainly speaking, I don’t want to see the price tag on things, I want to be the first millionaire of my family.

Q. Whoa. So how do you envision Amway helping you in carving out the pathway to your dreams?

A. I believe Amway will help me embark on the journey to my dreamland because of the idea it is based on. This business is about distribution and networking.These are two of the solidmost strongholds of 21st century.

I can develop and expand my business in almost 108 countries without denting my pockets with a heavy investment. My business can soar high as the sky is the limit. Amway is the perfect fuel to my skyrocketing dreams.

Q. Apart from Amway are you in any slightest measures even inclined towards working in the field of “Electronics and Communication”?

A. See, when I first came to NSIT, my plan was to take up a job after college, gather the money for an investment, make good contacts and then get done with it within 2-3 years and thereon, start my own venture.
So technically my branch didn’t matter to me.

But eventually when I got introduced to Amway,I dropped out on my earlier plan and made a few amendments. Owning your business and being posted as a business developer are two sides of a coin. I want to be one among the 500 richest guys of the world and that second side,I just talked about,  wouldn’t help me there!

Q. But you could have opted for your own startup too. Why go for Amway?

A: With Amway I don’t have to fret about logistics, stock management , storage, workforce, blah, blah, blah.Everything from tip to toe is handled by Amway.I have my own virtual store and I reap greater rewards here than anywhere else in the world.

Q. What keeps you pumped up and going about the work you do?

A. I read books like the magic of thinking big and the power of subconscious mind, that never fail to keep me on my toes!

Q. Have you noticed any significant change in yourself since you stepped into this uncharted territory to carve out a niche for yourself in this field ?

A. Change would be a small word if you were to describe what I have undergone in the past few years. There has been a 180 degree flip in my life as I have transformed into this extremely self confident and optimistic guy who is ready to take over the world with all he has!


Q.What is the one crucial message you want to convey to people out there ?
A. I just want to say this, if you want to do it, then simply do it.Do not cook up excuses to make up for your procrastination.

If people call you insane for who you are, either you can choose to get bogged down by their contempt and be a lousy failure for the rest of your life, or you can actually attempt to lift yourself up to insane heights that tumbles them and their negativity down.

Q. How do you find your way out if you are sad or distressed about something?
A. This world is my laboratory where I observe and experiment with people. 🙂
Honestly I never get disappointed or distressed. I am either lost in my dream world or am busy building my business! 

Not anything like before.

I came to this place filled with apprehension and doubts as to whether this is actually the place where I could lose myself for the rest of my vacation.Incidentally,I took the chance and went inside the unfamiliar building, rode upstairs and stepped into the white,small ,four-walled cabin. Greeted by two equally strange faces ,I started making a quick assessment of the work and the workplace. There was not much to gaze around but as everything seemed okay-ish to me, I zeroed in on taking up the job.
The hours seemed so much longer that first time as the day broke into sheer monotony and boredom. It turned worse when I had to even eat my lunch alone, by myself.
That day I left the place sooner than I had imagined! 😩
Back to the present day and I am lounging back in my chair comfortably, with a face that cannot stop giggling.
I am happy.I have got friends around. This place has somehow become like a family to me. I get tired but weirdly, I miss it on Saturdays and Sundays. I love how I can simply lay back on these guys for almost anything and everything and they would just always be there to amuse me. I love this little circle of ours that we have unusually formed over this small period of seven days, this circle connecting us all together in one way or another.Today we celebrate, laugh, eat,mock, lament and work all together and somewhere deep inside my heart,I have got a subtle feeling that we are unrealizingly raising memories that we are all gonna badly long for. ❀

Blog Stalking // Sometimes Sweet.

Ordinary Adventures

Not too long ago, while doing my routine stalking ofKatie’s site, Skunkboy, and Istumbled upon a new site.I was first perusing her guest posts about tattoos and was extremely interested. I love seeing other’s art and their tattoos, and beyond that, I was really enjoying how laid back and conversational her writing sounded. And from there, the relationship between me andSometimes Sweetbegan.

When I find a new blog, the first thing I do is check their “About”. If I’m going to spend time and get emotionally involved at some level with someone’s personal writings, and their life, I want to get some background on the creator first!I want to know how they present themselves or what they’re interested in, or at least what they are going to mainly be talking about. Usuallyif the bio is thorough enough, I can see if the entirety of the blog is

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