There are moments in your life when you know exactly what you want. Those, you would say ,must be the epiphanic moments, when you surprisingly happen to run into your inner-self. “Hey there, me !” “Hey you too, me!” 😛  Rarely are there such times when you get blessed with such kind of a one-on-one !

But things always tend to go haywire and this divine situation too couldn’t escape trouble when recently, I got enlightened with my true calling.

Yes. I know exactly what I want. And by saying “I want it”, I mean “I love, desire and covet it” as I have never felt something pulling at my heartstrings with such ferocity ever before . ❤

But knowing the exact address of the place, doesn’t always mean you will reach there without any hassles, does it? The pathway is always a confusing maze. You have to fight the obstacles on the way to get where you want to. Likewise, knowing what I exactly want from life does not simply mean that from this moment on, it is mine. The thing has not been laid out for me, just waiting to get grabbed ! I will have to fight for it if I want it to become my greatest achievement. Greatest and dearest.

There have been so many things on my mind, these past few days; ideas running wild, imagination running amok, stiff deadlines to meet, plenty of goals to achieve, striving to follow up with a proper schedule , friendships getting hit, emotional hysteria, creativity lockdown, stress levels booming, thoughts getting skewed, and in short, not finding enough time for pretty much every thing on earth.  So many situations to tackle. So much to do. So less time. So how I can single out my “true destination” amidst all this chaos and  figure out a way to reach there?! Impossible,huh?

Hell, no. You could call it difficult, but “IMPOSSIBLE” would be a totally wrong term. ‘Impossible’ is so underrated, if you are calling it that. The task is difficult but, how would you call it an “achievement” if it were not so, in the first place ? Even if you manage to win, but had to surmount no hindrance on your way up there, you will never cherish it so much, once you are done with it ! 


So,what I have learnt from all I have been facing is ,you need to view your troubles as gateways to new knowledge , not as speedbreakers impeding your progress. This “difference” in vision is the only thing that can get you across the mess. When you stop getting worn down by the hurdles strewn across your way, you stop getting thrown off the track.

You dance to your own music. You create doorways, where there are none; and knock them down where they try to shut you out.

And when that happens, you know you are pushing all the right buttons in order to mould your destiny, the way you exactly want it to be.



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