“Writing is my personal shell.”

“What if every forest fire was anger?
What if every clap of thunder was a dance of revenge?

Maybe every landslide is someone losing hope,
every cloudburst a broken heart;
every lake an emotion and every love story an ocean…”

writes Chhavi Nagpal of Miranda House, in her recently published blog as she tries to personify nature and connect humans with its astounding marvels ,all by donning a poet’s hat !

Chhavi Nagpal

Writing comes naturally to her as she beams,” I used to write short stories on random words my mum used to dictate to me ,back when I was 9.”

I remember how I would simply pen down rhymes that would apparently make no sense at all. 😛  But I loved the feeling the pen in my hand gave me . It was not a usual thing. My love affair with writing transcends all boundaries of time and place. And ever since then, I have been loving it all the way to this date!” ❤

 “I wouldn’t even use the words “passion” or “fascination” to describe what I have got going with ‘writing‘. For me, ‘writing‘ is all I have ever known. It soothes me. It is my personal shell.

This is what she tells me when I ask her about her colourful expeditions !

Q. What would be a perfect one-liner to paint you in the perfect words ?
C : Let’s just say, I am freakishly emotional in selected situations but I can work as hard as hell to get what I want.

Chhavi Nagpal

Q . What are you doing these days?

C : I am juggling with a lot of things these days but off the top of my head, I would say, I am doing my final year in Political Science at Miranda House. I am a content writer at Readers’ Club of Delhi and Foodstruck. I am also the President of the Women’s Development Cell of my college .And after college ,I am planning on pursuing a Masters in Mass Communication- Print Media !

Q. Whoa. Looks like you have got everything figured out and planned as clear as a crystal ! 😛
C : Ever since the 7th grade ! 😀

Q. What role do you exactly play as the President of the Women’s Development Cell of your college ?

C : Women’s Development Cell is the platform for freedom. We let people be.
I practically work on everything from moderating between committees to organizing events to collaborations .I am there to coordinate with the college staff and to counsel and help the juniors with their problems. I head the editorial wing of the society too( given my love for writing! )


Besides that, we, as members of the WDC, organize seminars, workshops and rallies , in collaboration with several organizations or independently, on almost all the topics falling into the ambit of women’s care and concern, such as sexuality, violence, rape, body and beauty myths and the likewise.

You can check out our One Billion Rising on Youtube , which organizes plays every February on every thing related to women. Apart from that we handle the complaints committee of our college and are starting our own newsletter too this year ! 😀

Chhavi Nagpal

Q. Whom would you idolize as your role model who helps sculpt your thoughts into actions ?

C : If I were to name one famous personality whose words have hugely impacted my thoughts, it would be Anne Frank. Otherwise, I take inspiration from everyone around me, my friends and family. Their commendable deeds ,and a deep-rooted faith in me, are here to push me ahead,on all the right tracks, every single moment. 🙂

Q .What is the prominent motto of your life that instigates you forward in all walks of life ?
C : I have no such motto in particular, that I live by. I strongly believe in my intuition and do what it feels right, in the moment.

Chhavi Nagpal

Q. You are into writing , so you must be a bibliophile as well ! Your favourite picks…?
C : I absolutely adore The memoirs of a geisha, The Zoya Factor , Brida, and Fifth Mountain.

Q. What is the one wise advice you would like to dole out for the rest to follow?

C : I would only advice people this much- You are far more important than you think you are. You play a very integral part in the scheme of life, so never underestimate yourself.
By underestimating your true powers, you only undermine them.

Q. What is your long-loved dream, you would desperately like to live one day?

C : My dream revolves around my career and my desire to help people out. If my work can touch even a single person and make him turn over a positive leaf in his life, I will consider myself to have done a great job !  🙂


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