“Something inside me screamed, asking me to fix the situation.”

“She came from the US to India, with excitement and inquisitiveness, gleaming in her  eyes. Hardly did she know that she would be badly ripped-off by a taxi-driver when she lands on the Indian soil.”

aveesh singroha

“When she told me, she had ended up paying 3000 bucks just to get from the airport to the hotel, I literally squirmed in pure disgust.

What the hell do these corrupt people think they are?! Just because someone is foreign to a place, does that give the natives, a right, to blind such innocent foreigners into burning a deep hole in their pockets!? They are ready to paint their nation in colours, bleeding greed and shame, just for the “hunger” of a few extra bucks.

Something inside me screamed and told me, I have got to fix the situation somehow. All of a sudden, I knew it was my inner voice, shouting at its peak, overwhelming me with a force I just needed, to rectify the whole scenario. And thus, a dream was born.”

aveesh singroha
This is what Aveesh Singroha narrates to me as he begins to open up about his recent escapades.

Q.  If I simply ask you , who are you really, what would you say ?
A :  An engineer by education. An entrepreneur by passion. A traveller by heart.
I am a 23-year old guy, who passed out from JMIT, Kurukshetra University, last year.
I have not had an easy childhood, so you could call me pretty tough.

Q. What special endeavors do you have  going on in your life, lately?

A : I am working on a platform right now through which I provide fellow travellers from around the world ,a memorable travelling experience on their trips to India. I want to cut down on the difficulties they usually suffer in this unfamiliar land, so that they can enjoy their trips to their fullest.

aveesh singroha
Travelling has been my favourite distraction since I was a kid !  😛 And I want to let it continue to be the same for me! It is, what has always driven me forward and what can be more fun than making your long-loved passion your job one day!  🙂
It is pretty much as happy as marrying your girlfriend ! 😛

Q. What led you to put this intiviative in the driving gear and speed ahead?
A : This idea striked me when I met this one girl, from the US, working in NASA. As I love travelling , I keep reading a lot of travel blogs and one day, I posted my pic in one of the blogs. That’s when she connected to me and we started chatting on facebook.Then, one day, she expressed her desire to travel to India and we planned, I would show her around when she visits Delhi. And so she delightedly packed up and flew right “here”! Where she was greeted with a fraudful namaste and deceptive smiles!  😦

aveesh singroha

I told her that the original fare would have hardly been 500 bucks. She was so shocked and insecure at the same time, that she asked me to accompany her on her ‘India’ trip . That was “the” moment, that kickstarted this venture !

Q. So far, how successful has your venture been, since the day this idea enlightened your mind?
A : So far, I have serviced around 10 clients, hailing from USA, UK, Germany, Korea and France.The first trip I made with my first client was in January, 2013.

aveesh singroha

I basically plan their entire trip, including what they eat, which cab they take, which hotel they choose, which places they visit, and almost every single thing that could play an important role in determining, they have the maximum fun !

I want to make them feel and experience the “real” India, which is largely different from other travel-planners.

Q. I did not catch the name of your venture …?

A : I haven’t really decided upon its name yet as it is just at the beginning stage right now. I am researching currently, to  make it a mega-level platform that can essentially help travellers across the globe, visiting India. So far, I have just been working through referrals and I don’t even have any team as of now.

aveesh singroha

I am pondering over ideas to add retreat programmes in the trips. I wish to expand by  providing facilities for yoga and meditation for the travellers, esp. in Kerala.

Q.  Is this the only thing you are currently working on or there are some other cards to unravel as well?
A :   This is the work I do for not letting go of my passion and dreams. I do as well have a regular job on the side which I need to do because I need to survive.

I am working currently as a conference executive in Entrepreneur India. We organize events all over India, to promote entrepreneurs. Our upcoming event is in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on 18th and 19th October. My role is to bring mainly sponsors to the show,and sometimes delegates too.

aveesh singroha

Q. How did you land up  in Entrepreneur India?

A : I took up my first official job in Allan Lloyds, Noida. It is an international company which organizes events and I began working there as a conference executive . Gradually I took a leap to Entrepreneur India and here I am, today.

aveesh singroha

But undisputedly, travelling remains my first love. And so will always be.

Q.  Do you enjoy working in Entrepreneur India or is it a mere compromise to keep things in place?
A :   I like this job as I enjoy constantly getting to meet new people in new places. Everyday, there’s something new in store for me. This surprise factor keeps the work exciting. Plus, it helps sharpen my selling skills among corporates .

Q. What qualities do you love to see in people you happen to meet everyday?
A : Undoubtedly, genuineness and honesty. I like people having a warm and pleasing energy about them .

Q. Are you an avid reader or a movie-buff?
A : Yes, I read a lot, esp. the motivational and spiritual stuff. The Secret Letters by Robin Sharma and The Life of a Yogi are my favourite picks.
I love comedy and Two and a Half Men and Two Broke Girls totally have me in splits! 😛

aveesh singroha

Q. Do you have a special role model whom you follow?
A : Not specifically. I try to learn from every person I see.

Q. What is your escape-plan out of any distressing or demotivating situation that you encounter?
A : Most of the times, when I’m sad, I go on a solo trip to Rishikesh without letting anyone know about my troubles. There are a few places which are mostly deserted .I like to spend time there, alone. Call me a loner,if you would, but I just “have” to have my personal time. All by myself.

aveesh singroha

Q. What is the golden mantra of your life that lies at the focal point of everything you do?
A : Every damn thing in your life works on the principle of sine-wave. No matter how hard you try to control life, it keeps having its ups and downs consistently! So you gotta live in the moment. Embrace it and make it count. Because the moment you have right now, is the only one you own.  🙂


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