“I never give a shit what others think about me.”

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by

And that has made all the difference.”

In India, you will find 90% of parents persuading their children into becoming engineers or doctors. There is a patternized mindset that is expected of you, to follow. And if you fail to deliver on those expectations, you are considered an “underdog” in whatever you do. I am not saying,this is the only truth; I’m saying this is largely the case in most households!

In such an atmosphere, there are few who will smash that glass ceiling and will not only dream of a less-trodden path but also strive to realize that dream by walking down it with confidence and elan.


Kartik Rohilla of NSIT is one such visionary who has the heart to follow his passion and give wings to his dreams. There is nothing that entices this 20-year old, more than “Photography“.


Photography for him is an art which has greater depths in it that anyone can perceive, which has more shades to it than any outpouring burst of colours , which is more beautiful than the delicate moments it encapsulates. And he wants to soak it all in, one click at a time! 

Here’s what happens when he lets me in on what’s been hiding behind those dreaming eyes and wild imagination !

Q. What are you doing currently, to step ahead in this dynamic field?

K : I have recently started a project named, “One Advice” on Instagram, where I ask people, what would be the one advice they would consider to give ,at the moment, which could prove significantally useful to others. Everyone has got something unique to offer and it’s best that we learn from others’ experiences.

Another project that I’m enthused about, these days, is the photography of Indian women in ethnic wear. India has a myriad number of communities and I want to tap into its pool of cultural diversification and display how different women dress up and accessorize, each portraying a different set of values in their Kashmiri, Punjabi, or Garhwaali attires.

I have my official facebook page, which I had created, right after school, by the name, Kar-o-graphy, where I publish my work. I was delighted when people began appreciating my work there, and I was ecstatic when I got my first official assignment through that page.

My work has also been featured in a Mumbai-based magazine, Youth Incorporate. I won a photography competition hosted by them on the topic, “women empowerment.” It was a scene captured in Delhi Haat, an impoverished lady sitting amidst a crowded market-place , gently caressing her baby and at the same time, trying hard ,to earn a little money.

It was a critique-award, completely different from the “maximum likes” based online contests, mostly run on social media, these days. So it was more credible and consolidated my faith in my work, to a great degree.

I had also been a member of “Junoon”, the Photography Club of Nsit , but I had to do more of managerial work there (which I never did 😛 ) and less of hardcore photography. Needless to say, I lost interest in that club and I was out of it, sooner than I had imagined !

I also won a photography competition in DLF Promenade, last year on Independence Day. The picture had two poor girls sitting down at a roadcross in Chandni Chowk, giggling together ; it was a candid shot which went viral and won me accolades!


Another idea that clicked me was when one of my friends got rejected from a girl saying, he was not what she was looking for. Then it striked me, why not try to find out what young girls, today,are actually looking for, in a boyfriend. So I went around taking snapshots of around 16-17 girls in the city, at the same time, asking them the aforementioned profound question. And the answers that I got were truly mind-boggling !


So those pictures actually painted different fantasies and desires of different women, in different situations.

Post that, my friend actually told me, I could start thinking about providing a really good matrimonal service!  😛

I have also been working as a “candid wedding-photographer” since this March.I had received an offer to cover one wedding before that too but I was really scared to go headlong with it. I mean, it is someone’s wedding!! You can’t risk it with their lives’ “big-moment” and live on with the guilt that would follow!!! But now, I am better prepared and self-assured to grab such opportunity and nail it !  🙂

Q. Do you have your own studio, as of now?

K : Owning an official studio is very costly for someone who is working part-time , so, as of now, I don’t own any, but I have the required equipment and lights at my home,that are pretty good at doing their job!  😉

Q. Did you always know you had to follow photography or you stumbled upon it along the way?

K : In school, I was more into “Car- designing” and that is why I opted for Automation engineering in NSIT. But after coming here, I realized, everything was more  theory-based and there’s not much practicality to offer. I soon lost interest in the course and my old passion for photography was rekindled.  


Q. What are some precious pearls of wisdom you would like to shell out for others ?

K : Never be fake and follow your passion with an open heart. Never give a shit about what others think about you ( as they just might be busy thinking what you think about them!  😜)

Q. Whom do you idealize as your role-model?

K : Undoubtedly, my dad ! He has done so much for me and I want to give back, one day, in the same measures !

Q. What do you want for yourself in the future?

K : I plan on pursuing photography full-time and am eager to learn as much as I can !

Besides that, I “dream” of owning a Mercedes Class A and a Jaguar base model. My philosophy is, it is okay to spend some bucks if they can buy you some awesome moments of your life. Ofcourse, happiness can’t be bought but spending money in order to earn some happy memories in return can surely bring a huge smile on your face !  



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