“Nobody can inspire me more than I myself do.”


Everyone has got a line of thought which in its own peculiar way can lead them to their dreams.The thing that differentiates is how bold enough they are to listen to it and to what extent they can go to keep following it until the end.
Shubhangi Sharma of Kamla Nehru College conveys exactly that die-hard optimitism .While talking to her,I discover a bright flicker of hope in her that just doesn’t seem to be flagging down anytime soon!

shubhangi sharma

Q. Shubhangi, if you were to describe yourself in two words, what would you have on your platter?

S: Delightfully chaotic !

Q. What are your special current pursuits that you have had up your sleeve all this time…?

S: Yeah ,I’m magnetically riveted to Vampire Diaries these days!
Okay,I am an English Honours student ,doing an internship with Foodstruck currently and I guess that is the one thing that I am loving…

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