“I have always wanted to create my own empire.”

Success does not have a trademark. But at the same time it cannot be attained by every other player in the street.You have got to fight hard to get your cards right. And fighting hard is the one thing that does not deter Sunny Garg a bit from stepping uphill ! The road might turn more rugged and unpredictable but that’s not a reason enough for his determination to falter.

sunny garg

That’s what this sophomore of Ramjas College has got to say when he spills the beans on his current endeavours and reveals why he never chooses to waver down and step back.

Q. If you were asked what two words could portray you in the best sense possible , what would you call yourself?

S : A jack of all trades, master of none! 😛  That I would say,just because I never shy away from experimenting with new things. In other words, I would sincerely call myself a “desperate entrepreneur”! 

Q. Okay, where is your “desperately entrepreneurial” soul leading you, these days ?  😛

S : Currently I am working for a startup based on marketing, called “Digiyang“,that takes startups to the youth. Besides that, I can proudly call myself an Amazon-trained e-commerce specialist, who knows all the nitty-gritty about the job.

Apart from that, I am in the process of founding, with my team-mates, the “StartUp and StandUp“, a society of Ramjas College, that promotes entrepreneurship in the college. I am elated to tell you that I’m also going to helm the post of the “Secretary of Commerce Department” in my college.

Q. What special activities do you execute being a part of the “Commerce Department” of Ramjas College?

S: I help in organising seminars, workshops and industrial visits in the college. Not to mention, our annual fest “Arbitrage“; which is a holistic amalgamation of a lot of business-related competitions, such as ‘pitch your business plan’, stock-market based events such as ‘Mock Stock’, and challenges related to marketing and crisis-management; is also organized and driven by me and my team-mates in this Department.

Q. How did you work your way up there, now that you have reached this benchmark, where the bigger responsibilities of a Secretary are being bestowed upon you?

S: I had always been proactive in participating in a lot of events,since the very beginning of my first year. I even headed one of the 10 events as a fresher and received sponsorship too for the event. I was enthusiastic about website-designing and had tested my craft in those waters too. I dived headfirst in social media extravaganza too and honed my social and interpersonal skills quite effectively from an early stage.

I had participated in a plethora of events before I bagged my first win, and I’m telling you,since then, there’s no looking back !

Q. Are you mad about competitions? Do you keep making a run at them regularly?

S: Yeah, I love competitions and till date, I have won 7 of them and been a finalist of around 20. I recently visited IIM-B, for the finals of Trade-O-Mania.

Q. How did you make it to Amazon for a specialized training in e-commerce ?

S : I took the cue from a newspaper advertisement and jumped at the opportunity.It was an intensive 2-days training where we were taught all the crucial ins-and-outs of e-commerce.

Q. Let me in on the details about “Startup and Standup”. What initiated you towards this idea in the first place?

S: My college does not have an E-cell, so I thought of starting this society with my team-mates to promote entrepreneurship among the youth. To be frank, I was initially  inspired by Modi’s motivational speech and his golden words,” StartUp India! Stand Up India !”. 

Q. What instigated you to don the hat of an “entrepreneur” in the first place?

S : My father is a businessman, so I have always owned a great deal of knowledge about business and finance, since childhood. When my friends used to say” I’ll become a doctor or engineer”, I used to say,” I will start my own business,one day”. I am literally insane about startups, so-much-so that my entire college knows where to look,if someone has some business-related work. 😛

My philosophy is to “earn while you learn”, where earning is done in terms of knowledge, contacts and money (in the stated order!).

I have always wanted to create my own empire and I definitely will, no matter how turbulent the path be. 

The second reason is my ego which technically, bails out the possibility of me,working under someone else.” 😛

Q. Whom would you call your role-model, who has directed you on your path consistently?

S : My dad is my role-model as he is the one to teach me all about business since my childhood. Plus he is so soft-spoken and peaceful that he gets along with anybody ,in a jiffy!

Q. What is the one precious advice you would like to dole out for others to follow?

S : I would say, whatever you do, put your heart and soul into it. Even if you are the one selling grams, if you do it with intense passion and commitment, success can never evade you. 

Q. What would be your “dream-come-true” moment?

S : To make it to the list of the hottest startups in India! At this stage, my life revolves around startups and entrepreneurship is all I breathe.



7 thoughts on ““I have always wanted to create my own empire.”

  1. LOvelyy…
    Soo happy to see you there.. ❤
    Just waiting for that one day when you will be the kind of Business..
    Love u loads.. Good luck. :*


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