“Nobody can inspire me more than I myself do.”

Everyone has got a line of thought which in its own peculiar way can lead them to their dreams.The thing that differentiates is how bold enough they are to listen to it and to what extent they can go to keep following it until the end.
Shubhangi Sharma of Kamla Nehru College conveys exactly that die-hard optimitism .While talking to her,I discover a bright flicker of hope in her that just doesn’t seem to be flagging down anytime soon!

shubhangi sharma

Q. Shubhangi, if you were to describe yourself in two words, what would you have on your platter?

S: Delightfully chaotic !

Q. What are your special current pursuits that you have had up your sleeve all this time…?

S: Yeah ,I’m magnetically riveted to Vampire Diaries these days!
Okay,I am an English Honours student ,doing an internship with Foodstruck currently and I guess that is the one thing that I am loving, right after my heart,as that is something in which my interest has been growing exponentially, besides ofcourse,  the Vampire Diaries! 😛
Q. As freakishly addictive as “Vampire Diaries” might be, I am intrigued about this internship you are doing with Foodstruck. Would you call yourself a foodie particularly?
S:  Well yes , I love food and this internship really makes me know more about that . It’s a different thing to like eating and there is a completely different thing to love food, and  Foodstruck has just turned my liking into love.
Q. Wow. Apart from food ( which I too, do happen to love by the way!), do competitions too excite you?
S: Yes they do! I have been a part of many writing competitions in my college , but I was more active when I was in school .. I participated in debates, poetry competitions and sports.
Q.  So does that mean you love writing?
S:  Absolutely! I love writing. I have my own blog and a Facebook page too. It’s named Expresa.
Q. Could you elaborate on what it  specifically is about?
S : It has my learnings from life. I feel that we all go through similar experiences in life and it is really important sometimes when you can relate to someone and learn through their experiences. My page has my thoughts and observations from life and about life that are relatable , reflective and often reaffirming in nature.
Q. What had been your perception of college life, when you were caught in that “transitional” phase between school-life and college-life and how well has your life in college turned out?
S :  I anticipated that college life would be extremely amazing and a whole new and wonderful experience but to the contrary it didn’t really turn out as expected. I must say this is a new phase and I have learnt a lot. I have actually grown up as a person,though the fun part didn’t turn out well for me. I am selectively social , I was closer to my school friends and now I am closer to my roomies!
Q. What qualities do you personally advocate and would love to find in others?
S : Well I believe in only one quality, genuineness. Everywhere you look,you find people who are diplomatic, double-faced and so mysterious .. sometimes all you want is life and people to be simple and genuine.
Q. As you told earlier, you love writing, I suppose you would be into books too. Which is the book which has your mind and heart occupied, currently?
S:  I am currently reading Train to Pakistan, by Khushwant singh . I had heard a lot about it and now I can see it for myself, why that was so.
Q. What are you looking forward to, these days? Is there something special glaring on your to-do-soon list right now?
S: I am looking forward to planning a trip soon, I desperately need a break and the mountains seem to be calling me!
Q. What is the golden mantra of your life that keeps you going all the time?
S :  Live with no regrets.
Q. Who is your role model  whom you look up to ,for inspiration and a quick motivational pat?
S:  I don’t have a role model, I feel different people would do different things and so, as per my life, no one could inspire me more than I do myself.
Q. What is your life-saving plan to rush you out of the situations of distress and disappointment?
S: I am short-tempered and tend to get pissed off very quickly so I bank on some good soothing music to relieve me in such tough and tiring times.
Q. Do you have any special song that has its chords attached to your heart-strings these days?
S:  I am absolutely in love with Madari by Vishal Dadlani and Sonu Kakkar(Coke Studio).
Q. Finally,what are your future plans and what would be your dream scenario?
S:  I want to travel the whole world and write about my experiences. I wish to go crazy and wild and be calm and focused at the same time.I guess I have a lot in mind when it comes to my future.The picture might seem a bit jumbled up and hazy at this moment,but I am damn sure I am going to get it fixed one day! And that’s when everything is going to look picture-perfect!