you're right

“I want to be a trail-blazer. A go-getter. An envisionist. I wanna be as tall as a skyscraper while being as deep and moving as the ocean”,you dream,every single day before the darkness of the night encaptures you perfectly in its peaceful slumber.

Yeah,right.You can be.All of that.But what about when others mock you or insult you to throw you out of your own little path..?Sad,eh?

Breaks your heart,isn’t it? How awful of them! How could they hurt your feelings like that!
The golden keyword in such situations is “IGNORE”.
Because it’s not that you become somewhat inferior or incapable when someone condemns you and belittles you. Contradictorily,it just simply shows how little of a heart and mind they actually possess to move anything magnificient in this world.Something as magnificient as your faith.(So,have some pity on such poor creatures. Afterall, they are also the creations of the same Almighty!  😛 )

The thing is,a person is sum up of their thoughts,of their mentality,of their frame of mind.And once that frame is developed through the years,it can hardly be moulded into anything else.And that’s how the individuals differ.And that’s how they live totally different lives.Not essentially because they have different resources,but because of what they choose to do with them.

You say,“I didn’t have any other option.”But may be,oh shrug it! Always.You always have the second option.The second option that should have always been your first priority.

Choose that instead.The option which renders your heart beating faster.The option that gets you going every other morning.The option that brings a sweet smile to your lips every other night.The option that leaves you thinking.The option that pushes you forward.The option that prods you to explore.The option that carves out your niche in a most perfect silhouette that no other option ever could!The option that resonates with every single beat in your heart.The option that is loud and clear with the thumping and pumping of every vein inside your body.The option which has your soul in it.

This option might easily be the inconvenient one out of the two.
But what are the odds?You might also win at it,someday.



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