You spill popcorn and nachos while lounging back on your fluffy, cushioned sofas, watching movies and sitcoms, with your eyes glued to the screen, especially when a show with your favourite character is tuned in! You love and rever and worship their dialogues and tug at the lessons they deliver you with ardent devotion,surmising that those will help you keep the boat of your life afloat through ruffled waters(at some or other point of time! Presumably!) Similarly, I have got my own set of iconic heroines, the ones whom I grew up watching, reading, following and exalting, and they simply never fail to amaze and inspire me! These are some beautiful women(and pretty little girls),who pose as beacons of hope and courage and persistence; confident stalwarts, the sweet reminiscence of whose stories and acts, enlivens me and instigates me forward in every sense of the word!


MERIDA, the child princess of the clan Dunbroch, featuring in the movie, Brave,is enough free-spirited and headstrong to defy the old norms and rather than yielding and consenting to her betrothal to the son of one of her father’s allies, she defeats each of her suitors in archery,and later demands her right to marry in her own time,to whomever she chooses for herself! In doing so,the little princess carves out a very special(and permanent)place for herself in our hearts,lending a profound message to the society that every girl has the right to fall in love,the right to marry the man she wants,and no one is disposed to tamper with her personal choices! No one! Not one!Nada!She goes on to rescue her mother from the blatant curse,fighting out all impediments with unprecedented bravery! She,in a way,stamps down the archaic notion that girls are meek and weak and need some outward assistance as they cannot fight for themselves.Atta girl! After watching this,your steps won’t falter anymore!

samantha jones

Samantha Jones, Sex And The City. Only her name is enough! She is the most perfect epitome of a strong and independent woman,who likes to..err..LOVES to live life on her own terms! And cheers!She has the most tangible advice for every quirky or somewhat adverse situation.To the fans of the show,these might sound enough  familiar,but by any chance if you’ve missed it,here are some of the excerpts from her wisdom which she doles out almost effortlessly and endlessly!

.On breaking all conventionalities,she says,”It’s the crazy ones that have the good pills.”

.On self-control,she says,”Sweetheart,you can’t go on listening to every fucking little voice that runs through your head.You’ll go nuts.”

.On rigorous trials on finding one’s better-half,she says,”The right guy is an illusion.Start living your lives.”

.The best one being,”I’m done with great love.I’m back  to great lovers.”

.On self-assertion,”I love you but I love me more.”

Yay!You go girl!

These power-packed pearls of profundity will allegedly, gnaw at all the ropes of restrain holding you back,rendering you feeling free and empowered!


Daenerys Targaryen, Game Of Thrones. She is the ultimate paradigm of “beauty and brains”and exemplifies courage and woman-power to its best! She went from a meek,petrified teenager with a sadistic older brother to being a queen,a leader of a huge empire! She went from being intimidated and subdued by her evil brother to exhibiting a strong and stiff persona! Hands down, this kind of woman can make any man go week in his knees!

As for the women characters to whom you might want to look upto for a little go-ahead nod and enlightening inspiration,there are enough of them! Both on TV and in books! The ones I shared with you are just the tip of the iceberg (‘coz sadly, I’m running out of time here !) But the most important thing is if you find anyone of such characters relatable to your life, do remember to remember their bywords, when you find youself in a fix and those might just fix that!  🙂


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