A Dreamer by day, a Visionary by night!

a dreamer by day,a visionary by night

Okay,weaving the critical point back into view for a quick and healthy acknowledgement..here’s the prime takeaway from the day gone by.There are so many things to be achieved at some point or the other that we tend to grossly overthink a lot of them and who said hype-anticipation was good anyway?! What I have come to realize is the tiny pleasures of the day get lost in micro-analyzing the future and the prospects it would bring along.Whatever it would bring along can wait,but the current day is slipping out of our hands like some sand,one grain at a time.Like..like this chocolate crumb that I just gobbled up,if I keep eyeing the ones that are still left in the packet (though they are a total feast 😛 ),I would not be able to enjoy this one sumptious crumb right there in my mouth,to its fullest! Roger that? If even that doesn’t get through your head,then think about this.If I keep skimming through a book,without paying any regard to what the page right infront of my eyes,really entails,then what’s the whole point of even the book being there? Because going by what I’m doing,I did not grasp or enjoy a single word of it.

So why would I tick  my “present” off my priority list to focus upon the “future”.Why?Why! Why do we live in such a hazy world,always encompassed by dark gray clouds of fear and doubt?! Why not concentrate on what can be constructively built out of “this” day rather than a day thousand miles away in the long walk of life.May be this one could be made to blossom into something deeply relishable.That would surely make us happy naa,wouldn’t it?Is that not the whole point of slogging away for the future anyway?

So,what’s with all these shrouds of uncertainty wrapped around my shoulders?!Like some mist dangling on my head.Holding my eyes from seeing the blue vault above.Restraining me from aiming for the stars.How can I touch great heights when I cannot even see them clearly in the first place?

Time to blow away all that fog in one swoosh and pick up my beautiful “present” (pun intended),resting on my doorstep,waiting to be noticed,to be caressed.And trust me,I will tight-hug my little baby(my present day :P) with such great love and warmth that tears will roll down even the lifeless paint of the door as it squints and opens my way towards  a glistening future,with a beaming -wide pearly smile.  🙂