A Dreamer by day, a Visionary by night!


a dreamer by day,a visionary by night LIFE AS IT IS.

So.Another day of my wanting-to-be-perfect-and-awesome life. You see,the problem with the whole thing is that ..



sorry,I cannot concentrate when I’m eating :/

Okay,weaving the critical point back into view for a quick and healthy acknowledgement..here’s the prime takeaway from the day gone by.There are so many things to be achieved at some point or the other that we tend to grossly overthink a lot of them and who said hype-anticipation was good anyway?! What I have come to realize is the tiny pleasures of the day get lost in micro-analyzing the future and the prospects it would bring along.Whatever it would bring along can wait,but the current day is slipping out of our hands like some sand,one grain at a time.Like..like this chocolate crumb that I just gobbled up,if I keep eyeing the ones that are still left in the packet (though…

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You spill popcorn and nachos while lounging back on your fluffy, cushioned sofas, watching movies and sitcoms, with your eyes glued to the screen, especially when a show with your favourite character is tuned in! You love and rever and worship their dialogues and tug at the lessons they deliver you with ardent devotion,surmising that those will help you keep the boat of your life afloat through ruffled waters(at some or other point of time! Presumably!) Similarly, I have got my own set of iconic heroines, the ones whom I grew up watching, reading, following and exalting, and they simply never fail to amaze and inspire me! These are some beautiful women(and pretty little girls),who pose as beacons of hope and courage and persistence; confident stalwarts, the sweet reminiscence of whose stories and acts, enlivens me and instigates me forward in every sense of the word!


MERIDA, the child princess of the clan Dunbroch, featuring in the movie, Brave,is enough free-spirited and headstrong to defy the old norms and rather than yielding and consenting to her betrothal to the son of one of her father’s allies, she defeats each of her suitors in archery,and later demands her right to marry in her own time,to whomever she chooses for herself! In doing so,the little princess carves out a very special(and permanent)place for herself in our hearts,lending a profound message to the society that every girl has the right to fall in love,the right to marry the man she wants,and no one is disposed to tamper with her personal choices! No one! Not one!Nada!She goes on to rescue her mother from the blatant curse,fighting out all impediments with unprecedented bravery! She,in a way,stamps down the archaic notion that girls are meek and weak and need some outward assistance as they cannot fight for themselves.Atta girl! After watching this,your steps won’t falter anymore!

samantha jones

Samantha Jones, Sex And The City. Only her name is enough! She is the most perfect epitome of a strong and independent woman,who likes to..err..LOVES to live life on her own terms! And cheers!She has the most tangible advice for every quirky or somewhat adverse situation.To the fans of the show,these might sound enough  familiar,but by any chance if you’ve missed it,here are some of the excerpts from her wisdom which she doles out almost effortlessly and endlessly!

.On breaking all conventionalities,she says,”It’s the crazy ones that have the good pills.”

.On self-control,she says,”Sweetheart,you can’t go on listening to every fucking little voice that runs through your head.You’ll go nuts.”

.On rigorous trials on finding one’s better-half,she says,”The right guy is an illusion.Start living your lives.”

.The best one being,”I’m done with great love.I’m back  to great lovers.”

.On self-assertion,”I love you but I love me more.”

Yay!You go girl!

These power-packed pearls of profundity will allegedly, gnaw at all the ropes of restrain holding you back,rendering you feeling free and empowered!


Daenerys Targaryen, Game Of Thrones. She is the ultimate paradigm of “beauty and brains”and exemplifies courage and woman-power to its best! She went from a meek,petrified teenager with a sadistic older brother to being a queen,a leader of a huge empire! She went from being intimidated and subdued by her evil brother to exhibiting a strong and stiff persona! Hands down, this kind of woman can make any man go week in his knees!

As for the women characters to whom you might want to look upto for a little go-ahead nod and enlightening inspiration,there are enough of them! Both on TV and in books! The ones I shared with you are just the tip of the iceberg (‘coz sadly, I’m running out of time here !) But the most important thing is if you find anyone of such characters relatable to your life, do remember to remember their bywords, when you find youself in a fix and those might just fix that!  🙂


One-night stand.Seamless.Casual.Passionate.Freaky.No strings attached.No commitments.No feelings. Plain S.E.X.

Sounds like heaven,doesn’t it?Now wait before you smirk fella,because it ain’t  easy to sail that boat.There are “always” feelings involved and one person  is vulnerable to get “hurt” and feeling “used”.Awkward,eh? What’s so heavenly about that now?!

Yet it is not totally impossible to nail the act,if you follow all the right steps and can successfully tick them off your list when you are through the process. So,here’s all what you need to know before you hop into the world of nonchalant sex!


Your apartment,that is.It won’t kill you,alright? And it won’t kill your time either.What it could actually kill is the titillating prospect of sex that you are going to have that night.There. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than the sleazy sight of your shoes drooling on the floor and your dirty boxers hugging your sofa and all those pizza boxes…meh!And that is enough to set her thinking about the weird life-form growing in your bathroom tub.Eeeekkk..squirm.She would leave before you could make her feel more squeamish(if that is possible!).And there goes your one-night stand in the dumps,yet again!


If you’ve already landed a cute girl who wants to go down that road with you in her sufficiently sober mind,then you really don’t need to drink that last shot of magical hooch,for a quick boost to go on that crazy spree. Chances are it might rather meddle with your nerves too much and you wouldn’t bother to use the protection. Which can turn into a big disaster for the remaining days of your life. Or you might be too sloshed to even perform very well,in the forthcoming time.(Duh! Sexually,that is!).


Yes,she is totally drunk and overtanked and hazy and doped…but all that doesn’t give you a right to sleep with her.Even if she says yes to hitting the sack with you for the night,make sure she is saying that with a sane mind and a sober thought.Ask her again(although you wouldn’t want to,lest she puts it off the table!).But don’t be a pervert.Respect the woman.Don’t be too covetous for a little-fun-night, to neglect what she really wants. You are not that shallow,are you?


Be quirky.Be kinky.But don’t be downright whimsical! The sheer beauty of a one-night stand lies in the fact that it renders you free to make all your crazy fantasies come real. Try out what you have always wished to. But. (Yes,there’s always a “But”!)Don’t push it over-the-top. I mean,you just met the girl a few hours ago,what do you expect her to do!! Communicate well,and try out only what is comfortable(for both!)and keep the rest of your fanciful ideas bottled down for now.Or forever.Whatever!


 Believe it or not,when the girl says she’s in for “it”,it really means she’s in for “it”. Only.So,you don’t actually need to ask for her number to make her feel you would call,when it is transparent that you wouldn’t. Neither does she need you to. Actually,she wouldn’t need you to, if you wouldn’t get her emotionally attached in the first place!“Oooh..Your dog died? I’m sooo sorry…You are an amazing person…You remind me of my Grandma..I’ll ping you for dinner,later..“Ugh! She doesn’t need all that bullshit you feed her.And Grandma?Seriously?


Abide by this one,very sincerely.Do not click her pictures while she’s getting dressed,just to be a showoff infront of your friends.You might end up looking like a complete schmuck instead!That girl is not your personal toy and you do not possess any right to fiddle around with her self-respect and dignity,in the society.So,gather up and be a man,not a prick!


Don’t wriggle out of her bed for hitting the road at 2 a.m.,in the night.I mean, c’mon ,she’s not going to put a gun to your head the next morning and force you to marry her(Scary,eh?).But you and her both know why you complied to get in the bed together in the first place,and the scary part is not what that was for! So,if you bail on her like that, it makes her feel like a useless throwaway and puts you on her list of “the-top-10-assholes-in-the-world”! So stay the night and save her(and yourself) the embarrassment.


Yes, you had a fun time and you might want it all again the next morning,but wait before you let your craving take the plunge.In the warm and soothing light of the day,the haziness has lifted off and chances are she might not even find you attractive for a make out.(Just a possibility!What’s with the frown! God!)

So try holding her hands and kissing her on the cheek and if that doesn’t turn her on,save yourself some dignity,bid adieu and slip rightaway.(No,don’t even bother asking about the breakfast!)

P.S. : Don’t end it too oddly.Manage a smile or two and a “Last night was great.Thanks for the nice memories!”,lest you happen to bump into each other sometime again.And “may be”,there’s a teeny-tiny possibility there that it could blossom into something great,instead. Just saying.



you're right

“I want to be a trail-blazer. A go-getter. An envisionist. I wanna be as tall as a skyscraper while being as deep and moving as the ocean”,you dream,every single day before the darkness of the night encaptures you perfectly in its peaceful slumber.

Yeah,right.You can be.All of that.But what about when others mock you or insult you to throw you out of your own little path..?Sad,eh?

Breaks your heart,isn’t it? How awful of them! How could they hurt your feelings like that!
The golden keyword in such situations is “IGNORE”.
Because it’s not that you become somewhat inferior or incapable when someone condemns you and belittles you. Contradictorily,it just simply shows how little of a heart and mind they actually possess to move anything magnificient in this world.Something as magnificient as your faith.(So,have some pity on such poor creatures. Afterall, they are also the creations of the same Almighty!  😛 )

The thing is,a person is sum up of their thoughts,of their mentality,of their frame of mind.And once that frame is developed through the years,it can hardly be moulded into anything else.And that’s how the individuals differ.And that’s how they live totally different lives.Not essentially because they have different resources,but because of what they choose to do with them.

You say,“I didn’t have any other option.”But may be,oh shrug it! Always.You always have the second option.The second option that should have always been your first priority.

Choose that instead.The option which renders your heart beating faster.The option that gets you going every other morning.The option that brings a sweet smile to your lips every other night.The option that leaves you thinking.The option that pushes you forward.The option that prods you to explore.The option that carves out your niche in a most perfect silhouette that no other option ever could!The option that resonates with every single beat in your heart.The option that is loud and clear with the thumping and pumping of every vein inside your body.The option which has your soul in it.

This option might easily be the inconvenient one out of the two.
But what are the odds?You might also win at it,someday.

How to bite into a big slice of “success”?!

Have you been slogging your way through work rampantly and still not been able to look success in the eye and call it yours ? There are truckloads of things you are doing wrong that are leading you nowhere but getting you bulldozed over time  and again. You may not be able to fix the whole galaxy around you but there are still a couple of things you could be doing right to ride high and smooth on those tumultuous waves. Here’s how! teamwork

  1. Cut your way “through” the herd rather than cutting yourself “off” it. It has been scientifically proven that months of hard-work amalgamated with rock-solid team-work has the tendency to pay off the maximum in most occasions. Your team can compensate for your shortcomings in such magical ways you cannot surmise. Plus the “trust” factor reaps off a plump harvest as at the end of the day,when you know you are all in the same boat!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    timeismoney
  2. Tap into your ingenuity in crucially productive times of the day. “Time is money”, and the quicker you imbibe this truth inside your head, the better. Sit down to write at 4:00 in the morning or kick the blankets off at 2:00 in the night to nestle yourself in your paperwork, if that indulges you at your best. You don’t have to earn more time, you already have enough of it. Invest cautiously in this prime resource and it might soon earn you a lot more than you ask for.                                                                                                                                                                                       motivation
  3. Motivation is not an overstatement. Go read a book or a blog or a newspaper column, whichever motivates you the best, rightaway! Lather.Rinse.Repeat.Every other day. Such compelling pearls of wisdom will foster you to jump across all the muddy puddles life litters your path with, to reach out to your dreams at the far-end of the rainbow.

         “You can only see the constellations in a night that is pitch-black.”

  (This one was for you to begin with! )                                                                                                                                              


4.Make it a point to do something which soothes and pacifies you,every day. With the hectic schedule encompassing a lot of things to achieve, some times can be a bit much gruelling. All you need to do then is leave the rest of the world  aside and dig in your favourite hobby, artwork or whatever you love to splurge on. Remember, stress can leave behind only negative trails and you do not very much wish to slither down on your tracks, I guess?!

At the end of the day,you know you are riding uphill if your goal is to build a life you don’t wish a vacation from.